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  1. KassidyKass101

    Close Plz

    Well fishing would make you lots of money. It's slow, but worth it! Just remember that skill capes a for f2p only. Hope i helped!
  2. KassidyKass101

    The Ge

    I bought a set from the GE ( you know one of those sets in a box ) well idk how ot open it! Can someone tell me?
  3. KassidyKass101

    2 Questions

    ok, I got over 500 lobbies anyway lol
  4. KassidyKass101

    2 Questions

    1~ What is a good way to get my Agility from lvl 14 to lvl 25? 2~ I'm lvl 65 combat, would I be able to kil a lvl 112 monster?
  5. KassidyKass101

    What Should I Train On?

    I don't really like Slayer though... >.> What about Hill Giants? I would die if I was to train on lessers
  6. KassidyKass101

    What Should I Train On?

    What should I train on? ~ I'm melee ~ I'm lvl 64 atm ~ And I have 54 atk (almost 55) and 50 str and def Will someone plz help me?
  7. KassidyKass101

    Obby Capes

    Thanks Don
  8. KassidyKass101

    Charter Wont Work

    Sals guide isn't really updated.... Srry bout that though
  9. KassidyKass101

    Obby Capes

    Ok But what does the Legend's cape look like?
  10. KassidyKass101

    Obby Capes

    ok.... that was interesting.... But ty for your help anyways ppl! :)
  11. KassidyKass101

    Obby Capes

    lol, you didn't have to edit it
  12. KassidyKass101

    Obby Capes

    ahem... I'm not a "SON" I'm a "GIRL" anyways.... ty
  13. KassidyKass101


    But don't become a member until you like lvl 40-50. That way you can get around easier. Also, having a good magic lvl helps. Having a good magic lvls helps, because when you go to the member part, you have to go around this one mountain. But if you have... 45 magic (It takes awhile, but it helps a lot) then you can teleport to Camelot. Here are a list of the places you can tele: Freeplay~ Varrock, lvl 25 mage Lummy, lvl 31 mage Falador, lvl 37 mage Members~ House, lvl 40 mage Camelot, lvl 45 mage Ardounge, lvl 51 Watchtower, lvl 58 Trollheim, lvl 61 Apr Atoll, lvl 64 For more info on the skill Mage, Click here Also, range helps to. Click here for help on range. If you would like any other help, feel free to send me a message on Sals, or pm me on rs. My username is, Beachgirl010
  14. KassidyKass101


    I would suggest you do go Clicky And do the ones with a green dot. Also........ Hope I helped! :)
  15. KassidyKass101

    Obby Capes

    Are Obby capes even worth buying? Cuz, I was thinking of buying one but... What are the requirements?

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