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  1. Nunuyz

    Megaman X

    After the boss that's after Epsilon, you go back to the beginning of the chapter after Epsilon, and there are mini-bosses. One mini-boss series is the Tails clan, One-Tails through Nine-Tails. Nine-Tails can one-hit you with like 3 attacks. You need X and Zeros' 2nd Hyper Mode Armors to beat them. Also, I think you need to get X's in order to kill Zero's Armor Guardian, or vice-versa. You need I think Melda Ore Key and the one with Silver Horn, that prisoner camp. Look up Black Zero X Ultimate Armor on YouTube, it's intense.
  2. Nunuyz

    Megaman X

    TAKE OUT THE MINIONS. Only leave them alive if they're the weak ones, if you keep weak minions, they just hit 9's. XD Also, use Marino with Hyper and Ice weapons, maybe Ice Stella. To down him, though, use Axl's Silver Horn: Tidal Wave. P.S. I beat the last boss. A secret boss after the end of the real game, not the boss after Epsilon. =P
  3. Nunuyz

    Megaman X

    Anyone have it? My cousin got it for me years ago, and it was AWESOME. They should've made more Megaman RPG's. It's one of the best games I've ever played.
  4. Nunuyz

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I have a friend that did 1 vs. 100 Beta. He got 100 GS, he was part of the crowd. I'm just wondering what it's all about, is it like a answer-faster-than-100-people-in-the-crowd game? P.S. I'm back =D
  5. Lately, my Gears of War 2 disc has become unreadable, but I don't see any scratches or anything. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. ~D
  6. Nunuyz

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    Booz + under 3 minutes = WTH!?!?! XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
  7. Nunuyz

    Link-image Converting

    Thanx, you can close this now >.>
  8. I recently discovered a minor graphical bug on RS, so I decided to screenshot it and report it to Jagex, but I'm stuck on one last thing, they don't accept links and when it shows you the preview before you send it, the 'img' wraps don't work. I'm not sure if it just doesn't know on the preview, but I think it's just not working. Anyone know how? (Maybe Jagez disabled pictures, I don't know. >.< )
  9. Nunuyz

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    D= Oh well. And I didn't even get a "Welcome back."? >.<
  10. Nunuyz

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    Ent, is it RB2, and do you have Live? P.S. Still in Vegas until next Saturday night.
  11. Nunuyz

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    Hey guys, I'm back. I forgot my pass a while ago, and forgot that I can recover it, so, hai der evrybudee!!!!!!!!!! >.< P.S. I haven't played Brawl in a while, so I need to practice up, and I'm in Vegas currently, so whoopee for me! P.P.S. Grats Kyle on your reinstatement!
  12. Nunuyz

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    I had to start up the topic, it's been dead for like 2 days.
  13. Nunuyz

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    I just had some fun 4v4's on Halo 3 with Will, but it was annoying, most of the people were cheap and/or babies.
  14. Nunuyz

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Halo (3) anyone?
  15. Nunuyz

    Wii Play X-box!®

    My XBL Tag is Nunuyz, and my Brawl Friend Code is 5455-9290-8911, Pm me to play!

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