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  1. Pizza Om Nom

    Nano/pizza reporting in.

    Hallo, I'm back. Few days ago for some strange reason account recovery accepted the email that it had been declining for like a year, so i got nanosuit back (pizza is banned, i gave it away and the guy did naughty stuff) For all the new people, I played nanosuit a lot in 2007-2009ish, was always in sals chat also, wrote a few quest guides (all fired up, tale of muspah) then i pretty much maxed out (from highscores you see 80 = max for me) :D, then i made narb zerker claw rusher pizza om nom, which i played till like spring 2010. Basically ya, getting this acc back is a dream come true, and looking forward to hanging out and nolifing with all you pervs :D jk i love u. Was amazed at how many old faces are still around, in the last few days i've seen pretty much everyone i knew back then, apart from imsleepy and candi :/. who scared the women away? new goals: 80 dung for ccb (atm 64) then grind corp till sigil (bank atm is 150k) then maybe 99 def and higher pray and start bossing a lot etc, and mine crashed stars and do gilded altar events, my fav timesinks :P
  2. Hey, so if you need money, you only need to be able to craft 5x air runes or higher. So you buy 250 essence, craft them into runes. Shop buys air runes at 12 gp each and sells ess for 50 gp each. at 8x airs, this is nearly 50 gp profit per essence. 12500 profit per 250 ess.
  3. Pizza Om Nom

    Revenant Hunting And Survival

    Good luck with this. Me and veni vidi vici started a guide on revs a while back. it should still be in declined guides or somewhere, if you want to take any material from there -.- EDIT: found it, you don't have to use anything from there, just the pictures of revs might be useful since it took quite long to photograph and find all of them. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...evenant+hunting
  4. Pizza Om Nom

    Can Close This

  5. Pizza Om Nom

    Are You Addicted To Runescape?

    I average 12 hours a day, usually 9 am to 9 pm. That kind of speaks for itself. I got no job or school (looking for a job though) so i really have nothing better to do right now. I got no problem walking away from the computer if other stuff needs doing, though.
  6. Pizza Om Nom

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    Name: pizza om nom Combat level: 93 (but i use steroids) Prior God Wars experience: 800 sara boss, 500 arma boss, 10 bandos boss, 0 zammy boss -.-
  7. Pizza Om Nom

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    today in zezima's chat (10 mins ago or so)
  8. Pizza Om Nom

    Ardougne Achievement Diary

    you dont need to complete/start wolf whistle to complete the summon point recharging task. it gets completed even if you click on obelisk with full summon points.
  9. Okay I found the comment in the youtube channel, it is in runescape channel, in the 'channel comments' page 13. Also an RSOF topic about the same thing QFC: 16-17-811-59823051 (loads of speculation lol) This is what people came up with in RSOF: - Bard - Bsailing - Backgammon - Boat-Riding - Bsing - Break-Dancing - Banking - Bus-Driving - Bouncing - Bar-Tending - Bin-Searching - Bombing - Bartering - Bug-Collecting - Bug-Transforming - Bug-Identifying - Bee-Keeping - Bunking - Battling - Banana-Eating - Busting - Bounty-Hunting - Bumping - Book - Bank-Robbing - Bike-Riding - Beer-Drinking - Bubble-Blowing - Bubble-Bobble - Bat-Riding (rofl) - Batman and robin - Back Biting - Blackmail - Body Painting - Beast-Riding - Bear-Baiting - Bot-Busting - Banning - Burping - Barn - Bravery - Burning out Co2 - Bowling - Bailing - Begging - Brewing - Basketball - Breathing - Bathing - Bone-yard - Barber - Bullying - Believer - Bottling - Body-building - Barrows-digging - Banishing - Boning - Burning - Bargaining - Belching - Ballistics - Breathilizer - Boxing - Bronzology - Bitting - Betting - Blood-Letting - Body-Snatcher - Bewitchery - Befollery - Bill-Collecting - Berserk - Business - Botanist - Byproducing - Badminton - Baseball - Babying - Birthing - b*tch'n - Ballet - Baptism - Bio-Chemistry - Buccaneering - Broadcasting - Blasphemy - Battle of the bands - Buddhism - Butchering - Beauty-Queening - Blarging - Bugging - Book Sniffing - Back-Stabbing - Barack Obama - Butt Cramping - Bass playing - Bed Making - Beer can crushing - Baretta .50 Calibur Sniper Rifle shooting (very possible ) - Base-Jumping - Bearding (as growing a beard) - Balloon flying - Braaaaiiinnsss... - Bomb-Making - Bunny throwing - Bouyage - Bungee jumping - Bestiary - Blading - Boarding - Biting - Birthdaying - Being a noob - Bingo - Bagle Baking - Boat wars - Bowfishing - Blockading - Betraying - Bluffing - Bundling - Bandaging - Beautyfying - Befriending - Blinding - Brainwashing - Burger flipping - Balls - Big Balls These are about half of all the absurd ideas out there . And no1 said buffing.
  10. Could you post a link to your suggestion? It got deleted after it reached page 51. The description and quick find code in the 'high level content' topic have been hidden.
  11. Umm, something like doing stuff in teams, new team-based spells/abilities. It's really hard for me to remember, was a year ago.
  12. Okay so on the 7th of november, 2008, i suggested a skill - buffing. Today in sals chat, we were discussing the new skill, then someone said that jagex told in their youtube channel or something, that the new skill starts with a 'B'. Now the interesting part. I went to official runescape forum, into Suggestions - Skill > High level content. And discovered that they have hidden my skill suggestion on page 18 (post 3). A rather strange coinsidence don't you think? It is the only post i found in that topic that has been hidden.
  13. stab, slash, or crush? i forgot >.>
  14. Pizza Om Nom

    Tz-tok-jad Practice 'machine'

    Hmm, from that video it seems that range attack doesnt make any sound before it actually hits. I thought there was a sound when he smashes his legs in the ground.
  15. It would be awesome if this site had a jad practice machine. It would randomly choose between the mage and range attack sounds of jad, and the user would have to choose the right prayer below, based on what he heard. there should also be a counter, of how many he has gotten right in a row. And a timer, so you'll have to choose prayer quickly, or you'll 'get hit and fail' This would be much better than spending 3 hours to get to jad, just to practice the prayer switching a few times and then die.

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