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  1. Mano

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    You've sent me down a rather embarrassing rabbit hole of looking at my old posts. I was about 13-14 at the time so I suppose that's a bit of an excuse.
  2. Mano

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Hey Micael! I definitely remember you, and most of the others in this thread! It's a long time since I've been on Sals, though I spent a bit of time playing Oldschool Runescape recently. I certainly remember you as a positive member of the community and as a friend. It's amazing the amount of content we all have on here - very cringe-producing to have such a well-documented account of our younger selves. I don't remember much of the Benno episode, but I do remember Macky, another controversial member. The amount of drama that played out here is quite remarkable - though most of the time it was of course a wonderfully calm and pleasant place to be.
  3. Damn those states/parties
  4. Mano

    Prifddinas guide!

    If you're asking about the pronunciation, it's presumably based on the Welsh. The word Prifddinas is Welsh for capital city, and it features the letter 'dd,' which is a digraph for a sound not used in English.
  5. Mano

    RuneScape Assassins?

    Isn't this like that bounty hunters thing RS had at one point? (I have no idea if it's still there or even when it was there, it wasn't there for long but then was maybe put back in?)
  6. Mano

    Russia invading the Crimea in Ukraine?

    When you say Kalashnikovs and better.. aren't AK47s the weapon that basically EVERYONE has?
  7. Mano

    Indulgences; moral or immoral? How much for a rape Pope Francis?

    It's worth noting, in the case that you really are serious, and have failed to notice this, that Lilshu is responding based on your 'dictionary definition' comment. A quick google search brings up definitions that certainly aren't what I would call immoral - the first one is to not conform with 'accepted standards' of morality, the second is to be contrary to 'established' moral principles. Most other definitions include some variant of 'accepted,' 'common,' or 'established.' What Lilshu's point is - or if not, it's now mine - is that by being different to what most people think - i.e. the 'accepted,' 'established' standard - you are in fact being immoral yourself. Presumably that's not the definition of immoral you're using, though. Perhaps you should give your own definition as was originally requested.
  8. Mano

    am i fat

    if by fat you mean fat then yes
  9. Mano

    Doto 2 Mafia: Night 4

    unvote Vote: Lilshu Let's be honest, we all know admins are scum.
  10. Mano

    Doto 2 Mafia: Night 4

    /confirm. Are you actually playing Ent? You did mention weird roles.. not sure if you're joking or yours is one of those roles :P Vote:fake Just look at his name. It's obvious we won't be able to trust him.
  11. Mano

    Ent's Mafia: Doto 2

    just Confirm
  12. Mano

    State of the site

    Note that I don't play RS anymore, and so this is all an outsiders opinion - Do you need the main website anymore? Couldn't Sals simply become a forum only? If there are already good resources and no big gap in the market, won't Sals always be behind the larger sites (RSwiki comes to mind) on content - if so, then why not simply state that RSwiki will be the alternative to Sals website, and either leave the website as it is or take it down? From what I hear the forum is the main part that's active, apart from a slow-to-be-updated site that no one really uses that much anymore.
  13. Mano

    Ent's Mafia: Doto 2

    when i googled it, I found there seems to be some sort of 'in-joke' about calling it doto. They were being all fight club about it though and wouldn't say (at least on the first couple pages) what the joke was.
  14. I'd seen the daily mail article previously [it was linked to...] and it was possibly the first time I'd agreed with the commenters there - while it may be sad he felt this was the only way out, it's both good he had the option and horrific we in the UK don't.

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