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  1. Packy

    Meaning Of Your Life.

    From a scientific standpoint, I would say that the meaning of life is to reproduce. However, since the human race is complex and not everyone is going to reproduce, then I don't really know. From a religious standpoint (as I am catholic), I would say that the meaning of life is to die and go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.
  2. Packy

    At Age 4, Chinese Boy Is Heavy Smoker

    How did he learn to smoke properly? i.e how to inhale, light it.
  3. Packy

    Noobiest Thing Ever!

    It took me a week to do Cook's Assistant because I could never find the mill or the egg.
  4. Packy

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    I just reserved Modern Warfare 2 Hardened edition, I'm excited.
  5. Packy

    Gay As An Insult

    Wrong. Homophobia also means you have an aversion of homosexuals and you strongly dislike them, in very little cases homophobia has ├╝berhaupt anything to do with being scared of homosexuals. Then why is it a 'phobia'? The aversion you feel implies you have a feeling that homosexuals will want to abalienate you from your sexual preference. It's a primitive instinct that humans feel insecure around people with another culture (in this case their sexuality). How is homosexuality linked to 'badness' in your opinion? In my opinion it is linked to 'badness' often, maybe It's more apparent in North England, or possibly Leeds, but being gay is definitely a bad thing here. And being one, your going to accept a hella' lot of abuse. Similarly gay is a negative derogatory world. That's pretty much how it is in most places, not just North England.
  6. Packy

    Paintballing Tips?

    The key to life is moving forward. The team that moves doesn't lose. ****, bump.
  7. Packy

    You Have To Be Kidding Me?

    I have a facebook so I can stalk my parents.
  8. Packy

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Mine's running great. Haven't had any problem with it and it's been about half a year. Alright just didn't want ODST and MW2 to come out and then my XBOX breaks again.
  9. Packy

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Hi everyone just had a question and didn't want to start a new topic. I hear that the Xbox 360 that you get from Microsoft after you send your in for repair is basically crap and will break, is this true?
  10. Packy

    I Got A Xbox 360!

    Halo 3 is pretty cheap these days. Fallout 3 is a decent RPG. GTA IV is a really great game and has lots of playability without live. Cod is a multiplayer series so I wouldn't recommend either of the games now. Red faction Guerrilla is also a really good game. GTA IV is probably your best bet without live. However I do recommend Mass Effect.
  11. Packy

    360 Question.

    Yeah it's just not working so i'm having them ship me a shipping label so I can send in my xbox.
  12. Packy

    360 Question.

    I turned my Xbox on yesterday and my xbox wasn't recognizing that there was a disk in the tray so it just said open tray. I tried putting separate disks in and restarting my console but none of those things worked. Are there any things that I can do to fix the problem or will I have to send it in to ms. I also googled help and there wasn't any resolutions there. I also don't want to void my warranty. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  13. Packy

    Should Games Rating Be Lowerd Or Removed

    This type of content is listed on the box. If your games are rated by ESRB then it is right next to the rating. Also how do we define objectionable. It might be easy to say that common sense could divide right from wrong, but these are businesses that we are talking about, there wouldn't be any regulation. Businesses don't care about what they are putting into the child's mind who buys the game. They just put what the general buyer wants into their product and sell it.
  14. Packy

    Fruityfed & Twist Of Fate

    See I thought fruity was the Batman type, not a sidekick. Oh well I guess you'll just have to be robin.

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