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  1. Y2k 5

    Ti-84 Plus

    http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/107/10718.html I use this guy's triangle solver program. It comes in handy during things like standardized tests where solving the area of an oblique triangle by hand isn't worth the time.
  2. Y2k 5

    Album Review: "audio Secrecy" - Stone Sour

    What were you expecting? It's a solid Stone Sour album, the songs are just as good as the first two albums and maybe even better considering they really know their sound. They were never going to release their 'first album' again because although it was great you do have to move on. The second was great and now there is the third solid album. I don't see what else there is to expect from a band. Say you'll haunt me, is probably the only song on that album that doesn't actually sound that much like a Stone Sour hit. It reminds me of Bullets and Octane or other bands a little more like Nickleback maybe . You're so right. I'm not sure why I was thinking that. I just re-listened to the album and it's much better than I thought it was.
  3. Y2k 5

    Album Review: "audio Secrecy" - Stone Sour

    I was really looking forward to this album, but I really only liked one song, "Say you'll haunt me." I love almost every song on Come What(ever) May so all I can say is that I was expecting more from Audio Secrecy.
  4. Y2k 5

    Zmi Altar

    When I used to ZMI craft I would average around 15 xp per essence (I was from 63-65 rc at the time) and it does change depending on your level.
  5. Y2k 5


    To me, if your opinion on abortion can fit on a bumper sticker, you haven't thought about it enough. (eg, either pro life or pro choice) I believe there are times when abortion is appropriate and others when it is just unnecessary. Rape would be appropriate in my opinion. I also don't consider a fetus a human until it's born =\. It is physically a part of the mother, so regardless of anyone's opinion, it's up to the mother. :|
  6. Y2k 5


    Do you folks like Coffee? Real coffee from the hills of Columbia? I love that show. Especially the few episodes including the Coke-head clown.
  7. Y2k 5

    Cannon Stats

    I'm fairly sure that the cannon is a completely separate device, and it doesn't matter if you have 1 ranging or -100 range attack, it will always hit the same.
  8. Y2k 5


    Well you know you can filter your quest list to only show quests you have done / have requirements to do.
  9. Y2k 5

    49 To 53

    I did Master Farmers in Draynor to get the level.
  10. Y2k 5

    Thin Snail

    Thanks for the touched up pic and new info.
  11. Y2k 5

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  12. Y2k 5

    Thin Snail

    Name: Thin Snail Picture: Type of Item: Food, Cooking, Summoning Tradeable?: Yes Quest Item?: No Members Only?: Yes Shop Selling Price: Unknown Approximate Street Price: 204-226gp High Alch: 36gp Low Alch: 24gp Item Specific Details: Can be cooked to obtain Thin Snail Meat (requires 12 Cooking, gives 70 exp), or used to make Thorny Snail Pouches with a Summoning Pouch, Gold charm and 9 Spirit Shards (requires 13 Summoning, gives 12.6 exp). Examine Description: Thin snail The thin, slimy corpse of a deceased giant snail. Location/How to Obtain: Obtained as a drop from snails in Mort Myre Swamp (requires the start of Nature Spirit) or bought from from the general store in Burgh de Rott (once you supplied and repaired it in the In Aid of the Myreque Quest). Stats & Effects: None Common Names & Keywords: Raw Snail, Raw Thin Snail Contributors: Y2k 5, Roy
  13. Y2k 5

    Favorite Old School Pkers

    H A 12 D. I loved his videos.
  14. Y2k 5

    99 Magic

    There really isn't a free way to train magic that doesn't involve you making your own runes.

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