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  1. darkmantle12

    Recolouring Poll Results

    Why would people spend 100+ hours saving up millions for a phat, which has absolutely 0 bonuses or stats whatsoever? That's Runescape, bro.
  2. darkmantle12

    Bounty Hunter Wilderness-only PvP

    So will this replace PVP worlds and Bounty Hunter? I sure hope not
  3. darkmantle12

    Weak Passwords Must Be Changed

    I wonder if they are doing this in response to the twitter hacking. Twitter was hacked with a dictionary attack, and that's exactly what Runescape is trying to guard against now.
  4. darkmantle12

    Fist Of Guthix

    Green d'hide coifs usually give the most gp per token, with rune gauntlets just a few behind. You could get maybe close to 200k with 500 tokens.
  5. darkmantle12

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    9/10 Ya I liked z0mg noob better than Z0mg K1ng N00b .
  6. darkmantle12

    Resizable Game Window

    F2P cant have fullscreen because of ads. This is the best solution IMO. It is basically fullscreen+ads (since you can put your browser itself in fullscreen mode).
  7. darkmantle12

    Resizable Game Window

    I <3 Jagex. This is the perfect solution, I love it.
  8. darkmantle12

    Runescape Website Forum!

    Even if they did become completely obselete, it would be for a reason. The reason being that the GE is quicker and easier (well that's kind of the point of it anyway).
  9. darkmantle12

    My Very First Fake.

    0s are wierd. I don't quite get the reaction box, but the fake itself is amazing. 10/10.
  10. darkmantle12

    Zombie Rat?

    -2 Rather simple recolor job -1 blood looks out-of-place 7/10
  11. darkmantle12

    Rick Roll, Link Fixed?

    Basic, but flawless and funny. 8/10.
  12. darkmantle12

    First Fake In A While

    10/10, excellent. Just excellent. Animated and interactives are ftw!
  13. darkmantle12


    Bye, I agree the community is not what it used to be (I'm reffering to RS, haven't been on Sals all that long). Plus, when it comes down to it, RS is a game, no substitute for real life. RS is fun but it is time intensive, and the goals keep getting bigger.

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