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  1. J_________5's Return To RuneScape and PK A few of yall may remember me but many probably dont. I posted a PK Log almost 3 Years ago on this site.. Which is closed now but I would be Delighted if a Moderator could re-open it. Link: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...792&hl=Joey But an update on me. I played RuneScape for about 4-5 years and I was deeply in to PKing. -CO-Starting clans such as 3xtermination (3x) -Spending most clan time with Blade of Serenity (BoS) -And ending my PKing with Reign Of Terror (RoT) I quit runescape right around the time of the massive fail it endured with the trade restriction and the slow fall of pking. A year or so later i decided to log back in and i was over whelmed with messages from people i haven't contacted it a long time and decided to give myself a months membership to test it out and hopefully play casually. I will be posting mostly P2P pics/vids and maybe a few F2P. My Character at the moment is a level 118 f2p / 126 p2p 95 Attack 99 Strength 90 Defense 96 Hitpoints 70 Prayer 94 Magic 85 Range I am now 18 and about to be 19 in march. I graduated from High School in 2009. My real name is Joey and runescape name is J_________5 (9 Spaces), feel free to add me i have my chat on at all times. Heres a vid I made from PKing in the New PVP worlds when they came out.. I think i already posted it months ago but here it is again... If you dont like the music please dont complain at the time i liked both songs and thought they would be good.. they werent, i dont listen to either one anymore but its all good lol.. Well Ill probably update is later but Lost is on so i gotta run -.- nice to see yall salmoneus members.. -Joey
  2. J 5 FIRST PK VIDEO I have been PKing for many years now, most of you probably remember my PK gallery with over 300 kills. I finally got a fast enough computer to handle a camera and the new update seemed interesting. This video is pretty cool nothing too great but great practice, please give me helpful criticism that I can use on my 2nd video. Video can be found at :
  3. I decided to come back to runescape after a 4 month break because of this update. I am currently making my first pk video now its about half way done. I screenied some kills that i did not vid so here are a few of em.
  4. 2/10 really havent seen you. I use to be active on sals until a Mod closed down my GIGANTIC Pking Thread. Top 3 on sals of size i believe and kills.
  5. Joey

    Mage Vs. Range

    If you actually are a hardcore range trainer, you probably use chinchompas. And From 85 to 99 range is about 55-60m so you cant really say that. Indeed, mage is stronger at the beginning of its levels but as soon as you get past a certain lvl range starts to take over. The strongest attack in the game for magic is Ice Barrage (lvl 94) Max hit of 30. Freezes your target from moving, when ranging you dont need to move, you have good mage def bonus due to armor. Bolts and Dark Bows or Even Rune arrows hit hard, fast and consistent through rune, let alone mystic. So therefore mage doesnt really win
  6. Joey


    i prefer metal but you have no valid reasons and none of which are true you are basically stereotyping people who listen to rock. I listen to the most death metal bands and you would never be able to tell by the way i look. Nice stereotype. Should be banned or something
  7. Joey

    New Slayer Mask Glitch

    hahah yah i think i saw that guy too
  8. Joey

    New Slayer Mask Glitch

    i hope not lol looks pretty funny if u do it in f2p world every1 goes crazy lawl
  9. Joey

    New Slayer Mask Glitch

    You have to have the masked earmuffs. from the quest smoking kills, be a female, and have long hair
  10. Joey

    New Slayer Mask Glitch

    nope just did it tonight
  11. My friend showed me this at our clan war I got a kicked out of it lol. Thought I'd share it with the rest of you. Video can be found here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zYNbSDUbVhM All comments and ratings and subscriptions on this thread and the vid on youtube are greatly appreciated. Any questions just post one on my youtube account or here.
  12. I got sick of having an untrimmed strength cape at 113 f2p 118 p2p so i decided to get 99 fletching 81 Fletching - March 14, 2008 82 Fletching - March 16, 2008 83 Fletching - March 19, 2008 84 Fletching - March 20, 2008 85 Fletching - March 22, 2008 86 Fletching - March 29, 2008 87 Fletching - March 29, 2008 88 Fletching - March 30, 2008 89 Fletching - March 31, 2008 90 Fletching - April 6, 2008 91 Fletching 92 Fletching 93 Fletching 94 Fletching 95 Fletching 96 Fletching 97 Fletching 98 Fletching 99 Fletching

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