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  1. Magical

    And... We're Back! New Forums!

    About time! It looks great, a definite improvement :(
  2. Magical

    Other Languages

    Yup, I'm tri-lingual. I'm fluent in English, American and Australian. (And latin, if that counts)
  3. Magical

    My Dad Is An A-hole!

    Try and make up with your dad and approach it maturely, to be honest the way you're going on I can completely understand why he's not letting you play. Also, don't play RuneScape in front of your mum; parents undermining each other doesn't help any relationship and B's and C's aren't that good.
  4. Magical

    Top 5 Favorite Movies

    1.The Empire Strikes Back 2.Little Miss Sunshine 3.Toy Story 4.Monster's Inc 5.The Great Escape
  5. Magical

    Briton To Be Executed For Smuggling Drugs

    Okay let's make this really simple, taking the article (regardless of how exaggerated it may be) as relatively accurate. There are several consequences from the two actions that could happen. I've even made a little chart for you. If the man is guilty, as in he willingly committed said actions, he is given a "fair punishment" by the laws of China, it's a blow albeit a rather small one against smugglers and obviously he won't do it again. If the man is "innocent" meaning he was not capable of making rational choices due to a mental illness as opposed to excess of alcoholic substances, fatigue or drugs, we are left with a man, who suffered with mental difficulties, dead with a great injustice being served. Political tensions between western nations, especially the UK would worsen and potentially civil unrest in the form of protests and so forth. You saw the stir raised because Gary McKinnon was extradited - thing of a country killing a foreign national. On the other hand and he is sent back to the UK for a fair trial, he may be placed in prison if found guilty but if proven "innocent" he will be given the help he needs. Now the risk of him being innocent and being killed by far is much more damaging than the risk of him being guilty and being executed. It's far safer to take the "back to the UK" path.
  6. Magical

    Briton To Be Executed For Smuggling Drugs

    You're not denied a passport if you're bi-polar.
  7. Magical


    Yeah but this guy's going over just the $1 mark.
  8. Magical

    Some Random Girl

    Your name is Josh B :0
  9. Magical


    I think the sum's placed into categories though, so the exact figure isn't that important. So $250 is like a class 6 felony?
  10. Magical

    Two Sleeps To Go

    That's just being pedantic.
  11. Magical

    Briton To Be Executed For Smuggling Drugs

    If there is a viable possibility a man might be innocent you spend more than a half hour trial on it.
  12. Magical

    7-day-old Topics.

    'twould look ugly and unfriendly.
  13. Magical

    Briton To Be Executed For Smuggling Drugs

    The turn around time of being arrested to being executed is very small in China. Efficient you might say.
  14. Magical

    Briton To Be Executed For Smuggling Drugs

    Well honey, that only proves two things, you are monumentally stupid and should be put down for the good of the human gene pool.
  15. Magical

    Briton To Be Executed For Smuggling Drugs

    And what mental illness do you have? Good god you've solved the problems of prisons over filling; we'll just shoot them all on the spot - the moment the trial has finished. Same thing right? Sorry if that confused you sweetie pie, how many children of perfect nature have you contributed to the human race? I quote "...for the good of the human gene pool." if you are at liberty to make such comments I feel perfectly entitled to ask how much you have contributed to the continuation of the human race?
  16. Magical


    Yay now you've just admitted you've handled stolen goods and stolen goods. Tell the shop keeper who did it, it's for your friends own good and dependant on what state you're in they could be in quite a bit of trouble.
  17. Magical

    Itunes Question

    Or you can use senuti on a Mac.
  18. Magical

    Briton To Be Executed For Smuggling Drugs

    Sparhawke I really can't wait until something happens to you in your black and white life because sure as hell I'm going to be pushing you even further into the mud the moment you slip. Actually buddy, you're completely right. Because someone is mentally ill we should execute them on the spot. Waste of bloody tax and the gene pool. Remind me spar, how many children you have?
  19. YAY IT'S SNOWING XD (If you didn't get it by now)
  20. It's stopped now :-( BOOO
  21. Thought so as soon as I read this: Surely you would have thought so with the CH logo at the top, or the four-year-old bit first? Anyway, lol flop -.-
  22. Magical

    I Have A Feeling We May Lose Gramps Soon

    As well as what was said above see if you can get some time off to go and see him and be with him - even if he can't acknowledge you :-) If you want to chat or talk about your feelings - PM and I'm here to talk -.-

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