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    They Removed Tech Support, So I Became Tech Support

  2. I knew that with Invention coming out next month, this wouldn't last long. I wanted to get it while I could, though. I started playing in 2006, so this has been a long time in the making. I'm not really sure how Invention will go - if I will re-max quickly or just really slowly. I plan on focusing on my Hardcore Ironman until invention comes out, then we'll go from there.
  3. Trey


  4. You're right, it does. It will be fun to be maxed for a month if I am lucky. The news post says it is released in January 2016.
  5. Trey

    One left

    I actually had a lot of fun with this one after I finished hunter. I created a new Hardcore Ironman account help the time pass by and I actually almost wish that I did that a few RC levels ago. Onto divination, the last one. I'll probably do caches for the most part, but will still train it regularly to finish it up.
  6. Trey

    2 Left

    This one sucked. Hunter is my least favorite skill, so its nice to finally get it done. Just RC and divination left. RC will be in a week or two.
  7. Trey

    Three left

    Just three left: RC, hunter, and divination. I am kind of indifferent about construction. The money wasn't much of a problem, but it was click intensive, and not much of a point to get it to 99 except for another 99. It is fast, at least. I started the minigame weekend with 94 con and utilized SC to get a lot of bonus XP to reduce the amount of clicking needed. Not sure if it will be hunter or RC left, I don't really like either of them. RC is mainly AFK of course, but there's just something about it I don't like.. and hunter is kind of click intensive but fast like construction - both require nearly complete attention. We'll see.
  8. Trey

    Four left

    Four left. Thanks to Kes for helping me rush a few last minute dungeons. I hated this skill up to around 96 or 97, but the recent updates have made it much better.
  9. Trey

    You put those hours in, and look at what you get.

    That's very cool that you're doing an old school F2P ironman. I'll give you a few tips and show what I ended with in the spoiler. Money making for the first week is absolutely horrible (yeah, this isn't a tip). Best nature rune droppers are hill giants and then moss giants when you get to that level. I HIGHLY recommend only playing on world 385. This is a "bot world" (look it up if needed) that is not listed on the world selection screen. I am sure you can figure out why this is awesome. If you have any questions, join the "W385" friends chat. This will be full of other players like you including F2P ults and non-ultimate ironmen. I highly recommend getting your smithing up to make a mithril axe before you get woodcutting much higher than 40. A steel axe is the highest you can go without smithing. Getting a rune full helm from greaters isn't too big of a risk, especially on W385. However, it may take quite a few kills. The bonus is that the place you kill them at does not drain your prayer, so you can always protect one item and boost your range through prayer. I believe I went completely from 40 to 50 ranged only at greater demons in the wild and saw no PKers. So there's not much danger....but it may be a while Making gold necklaces and selling them to the port sarim jewelry store was the best money making method I found. It is actually much more efficient to buy the 100 packs of mind and air runes at the store in port sarim compared to actually making your runes. Minotaurs are a great method of stocking up on arrows to start training ranged. Once you start making money, it will be more efficient to buy these at the store as well. You should almost always kill only monsters that drop big bones for prayer. Mining silver in Al Kharid, then running to the furnace, smelting the bars, and then making them into tiaras is quite possibly the best crafting xp for you. I can't think of any other tips at the time, but like I said I highly suggest checking out the W385 friends chat. Best of luck to you!
  10. Trey

    Five left

    I'll miss training this one in the morning and on my lunch break.
  11. Trey

    #6 - Mining

    Congratulations! The mining cape is definitely one of the coolest for OSRS. Keep 'em coming.
  12. Trey

    Five left

    I guess that's just what happens when you come back to RS with ~91+ but 5 divination lol. Thanks, guys.
  13. Trey

    Post Your Drops Here!

    Bump. Two BCPs in just a few kills...see the chat.
  14. Trey

    How to come back to RS

    Two 99s in one day.
  15. Trey

    How to come back to RS

    I think just about 600k in fishing and not too far off that amount with agility. I finished a few quests that give agility XP and used my effigies on it as well which gave it a nice boost. I did maybe 1 hour of actual agility training. #rs2015 Haha, I know what you mean. There's soooooooooooo many updates. I'm still learning tons of things each day.
  16. Trey

    I'm Back

    Thank you, everyone. I guess I kind of quit the "lil guy". The 20k or less XP/hr ratings get pretty tiresome lol. Here are my ending stats and noteworthy items. Natures and laws were very slow to obtain and the money making is very, very slow so it was quite an accomplishment to get the rune items, runes, arrows, etc. I had a lot of fun, but I think it was time for me to move on and go back to the current game. :)
  17. Trey

    I'm Back

    I've been at 98 since early 2013 or so. 99 agility and farming next.
  18. Hey, I'm in there! Haha. That was a cool idea.
  19. Introduction: Hey guys! I am back and playing OSRS as an F2P only iron man. I created the account just this past Sunday. I'd heard about the Iron Man update and thought that it sounded like a really fun challenge. I just realized how big of a pain it is going to be to get items that require gold such as a rune pickaxe, mithril/adamant swords from the Varrock shop, arrows for training ranged, etc. As far as I know, the only way I can train ranged is by spending gold at the store to buy arrows lol.. this will be quite the challenge. Basically the only way to make decent gold is alching and only low level alching is reasonable for quite a while. Which means I have to kill hill giants or moss giants for uncommon/common nature rune drops which means I have to raise my combat stats quite high.. and then I have to raise smithing decently high to get something decent to alch soooooooooooooo .. - yeah! I have quite a journey ahead of me. But I am so looking forward to it. My main Runescape account was around 1209 total or so before becoming a member, so I am kind of reliving that moment and really enjoying it. My current goals are: Runecraft tons of runes Level up to 21 magic for low alch 60 mining for the guild 48 smithing for steel plate bodies (gonna be a while) Buy a rune pickaxe (32K) Combat stats high enough to kill moss/hill giants for nature runes A long term goal is to do Dragon Slayer as an F2P iron man, but I have a long way to go for that. And on top of those, I will of course be training other skills in the mean time! Account creation date: 3/15/2015 Current stats: OSRS Iron man stats as of 3/18/2015: OSRS Iron man bank as of 3/18/2015: RS3 stats (No longer active, as of December 2012): RS3 Bank (No longer active, as of December 2012):
  20. Trey

    Skill Competition 89 - Mining

    Here you go. Beginning XP: http://i.imgur.com/fLFl0Nm.png End XP: http://i.imgur.com/6V4LKEz.png
  21. Trey

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    You cheater! How did you know? Zooey is right. ^_^ I made and sold around 150 iron platebodies or so for the money for my first (and hopefully only...) rune pickaxe! I am so absolutely happy to finally have this. The next mining goal is definitely to get into the guild. It shouldn't be long. After getting the new pickaxe I went and made about 1500 fire strike casts to get my RC and magic level up. I've actually raised quite a few levels since my last post but only wanted to post the somewhat significant ones until the levels get higher. After raising my magic, I did Imp Catcher which was kind of a pain, but it unlocked the only useful amulet I can get. I went to a few stores, made some steel equipment, and am now feeling pretty good about my combat setup! I'm currently training woodcutting and nights and I want to get my attack to level 40 so I can actually wield my rune pickaxe instead of just carrying it in my inventory.
  22. Trey

    Skill Competition 89 - Mining

    This. Are OSRS players allowed to compete?
  23. Trey

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Will do! Unfortunately I really do not think there is any other axe that can be obtained from a store or drop besides the steel one. I will have to slowly level it up with the steel axe and upgrade it as soon as smithing permits. It's quite a shame, really, but I will make it. I managed to get my crafting from 1 to 25 since my last update, got my combat stats up a bit more, and quite a few mining levels (currently 45). The smithing picture below is from mining and banking about 700 iron, making it into bars, then iron platebodies. Its a bit funny because since my last update I realized that I can actually SELL the iron platebodies for a bit more than alching them... so I could say the time was almost "wasted", but that's not really true because I was still leveling. As I am typing this, I am smelting bars from about 750 iron ore. This should get me around 40 smithing, and much more importantly: the money for a rune pickaxe!

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