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  1. A maxed out range tank can be in the low 100s, a maxed melee is usally a good 120cmb+. Not to mention with range there are a variety of bolts which can hit through defence, or do massive damage with dragonfire, also mage levels and range levels do not "stack" with each other so a maxed range tank can have 94 mage and use vengeance as well. A maxed out mage again can be in the low 100s with 99def. Mage's if ancients are used right can stack ancient spells dealing over 50 damage at a time, if done right with ice spells you can even trap rangers from attacking you in certain positions and also just stop meleers in their tracks, you can lower a meleer's attack and with full ahrim's their strength. If you wana get pricey you can buy a zuriel's staff which allows use of the miasmic spells which render melee and range almost useless due to the effect of halving their attack speed.
  2. cinos

    Shared Xp - A Bad Idea?

    Training to 99 with controlled with a whip is equal to, if not faster than doing each seperate style. Considering strength trains slower than attack and defence as you can't use an abyssal whip to specifically train it which means you have to use slower methods such as sara sword (even though it has the same stats as the whip which it is 2 handed and can't be used with a rune defender) or dragon scimmy. Controlled is also cool as you can get 3 or 4 99s at the exact same time with it.

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