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  1. MyFlyGrl

    Rat Catchers 911

    I am in the Mansion I got the rats on the 2nd floor 1 in the NW room & 2 in the SE room I climbed down the ladder There is only 1 rat in each room The room with the ladder & the kitchen There is suppose to be 2 rats in One of the rooms but there is NOT I had Kitty rechecked ALL the rooms It says: There is no vermin I only have 5 rats and can't find #6 Please Help ASAP - I don't want to leave mansion *Logged into a different world And #6 appeared !
  2. MyFlyGrl

    Is There Any Hope Left (2)

    I'm with you Matt I've only been playing for 3 months and The changes have really affected the game The people they are trying to stop With unbalanced trading etc. Will only find another way So ... basically The good guys are the only ones being hurt I play with my brothers and We can no longer help each other out For example: I wanted to borrow his Mage outfit to do a quest but Now I can only do it if I give him like 277,000 and I'm the one that bought it for him for x-mas ! My other brother wanted to give me grimys he found Great deal but I'd have to pay him like over 10k In order to trade ... this has really affected us For them I like to collect needed items So we can do quests together Now it's hard to give them things I'm the fisherman but can no longer Give them lobbies before we head out So we've lost interest because We can no longer give things to each other Without the hassle of limits every 15 min. We are all members but since We don't really go on anymore The membership will end soon RS needs to find another solution We all know that the scammers Will always find another way Besides if someone wants to pay 4k for a piece of rope or a knife Because they need it thats their choice No one is forcing them to, they are offering Thanks for letting me rant MyFlyGrl
  3. MyFlyGrl

    Poh Question

    Yes, a 2nd game room Like I have 2 combat rooms 2 bedrooms etc. etc. I wanted 2 game rooms It didn't say in the manual That you could only have 1 So I wanted another On the forums it was posted That there wasn't a limit That maybe it was a glitch Does anyone have 2 game rooms ? MyFlyGrl
  4. MyFlyGrl

    Poh Question

    Hi I'm trying to add a second game room to my house I posted this here before and was told it may be a glitch I read every manual, guide, FAQs etc. to find an answer I found nothing stating that you can only have one game I have not reached my max limit of rooms The 1st game room is completely finished I can't figure out what I am doing wrong I e-mailed RS asking them what to do and Got an auto-generated response Could someone please help ? TIA MyFlyGrl
  5. MyFlyGrl

    Relicym's Balm Potion

    I am trying to make the potion I collected the 2 herbs Rouges Purse & Snake weed and Added them in the right order To a vial of water and get nothing ! I've tried adding them grimy & clean When I add Rouges it says something like Your not sure what this will do Can someone please help TIA
  6. MyFlyGrl

    Poh Question

    I tried to add a 2nd game room again and It said: You can only have 1 game room or You already have this room My first game room is completed I still have not reached my room limit Is this a glitch and if so, what can I do ? I have 2 combat rooms etc. So my other rooms are working TIA
  7. MyFlyGrl

    Poh Question

    Thanks, maybe it is just a glitch I'll try again As for the dungeon: When adding rooms like halls etc. Does there need to be a floor built above ? TIA
  8. MyFlyGrl

    Poh Question

    Thanks for your reply Maybe I wasn't clear enough I know that you can rebuild a room over & over again but For example: My house has 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens etc. etc. I wanted to build 2 seperate game rooms When I tried it said: You can only have 1 game room It seems you can only have 1 room type of some rooms and Other rooms you can have more than one of them I was wondering if anyone knows how many of each TIA
  9. MyFlyGrl

    Poh Question

    Does anyone know how many of each room you can have ? It seems that you can have only 1 game & 1 combat room I seen a house with 2 portal rooms If you know, please list each room and How many you can have of each Also, when you build dungeons How many different rooms are there and Can they only be built under An existing floor above ? I would be greatful for any help TIA
  10. MyFlyGrl

    Clue Scroll - Need Help !

    Got the Steel Longsword and I am trying in the marketplace This is driving me crazy !!! I don't know what I'm doing wrong Thanks for all the help MyFlyGrl
  11. MyFlyGrl

    Clue Scroll - Need Help !

    As I was typing this post I thought the same thing so I yawned first Then equipped the items but Still nothing happened I think the problem is with the chaps A couple months ago I saw in the General store: Studded Leather Chaps For some reason I can't make them I used Leather chaps and studs and Crafted them with a hammer one time and A needle and thread the 2nd time Both times I got "Studded Chaps" not leather I asked someone for Studded Leather Chaps and They gave me "Studded Chaps" I said this is not leather and They said it was Could this be a glitch in the clue scroll ? TIA MyFlyGrl
  12. MyFlyGrl

    Clue Scroll - Need Help !

    Clue Scroll is simple: Yawn in Draynor marketplace Equip: Studded Leather Chaps Iron Kiteshield & Steel Longsword I got leather chaps & put studs on them They became studded chaps I wore nothing but chaps, shield & sword I yawned in the marketplace & nothing happened Aside from the fact that I looked like a fool What am I doing wrong ? TIA MyFlyGrl

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