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  1. Sorry, I need the bows for alching, pretty urgent. :D Dj :(
  2. Hey guys, I need to buy 140k Attack potions, or Yew Longbows or Magic longbows! Add me ingame- Dj Gavri. You can also PM me here. Dj :(
  3. Hey guys, recently got my account back. I got hacked, my bank is totally cleaned out, all my money is gone. I really want 99 Magic, my current level is 86. I want to know what is the most economic way to train it to 99? :D Alching? What should I alch- I do intent to buy both the runes and the alching supplies. Another question- about the new skill, Dungeoneering, how hard is it to train? How long will it take me to reach level 80? Thanks, Dj :(
  4. Gavri

    I'm Back!

    Hey guys, been like a year and a half since I last logged in. I don't know if you still remember me :D. My RS account was hacked by a RL "friend", he cleaned my bank. My email which I was registered with with my sals account got hacked too, and I forgot my pass to the forum, so I couldn't recover. I just got my account back, and managed to recover the sal's account, so I'm back now. Dj :(
  5. Gavri

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    So today I did some snd, had a nice match did 8-1-1. Also did some knifing, got 100 knife kills, using marathon lightweight and ninja pro with the magnum 44 w/ tac knife was really fun. Also did some sniping, got some nice quickscopes, got an ac 130 on subbase and then again on invasion. I also got 2 triple kills with semtex in the same match.. :) Level 39 first prestige, going for the barret and scar titles, about 350 kills with each gun... :) Dj
  6. Gavri

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Today I finally got my steam account back with my mw2! I prestiged, level 9 atm.. Had an ac 130 from a care package drop which was pretty awesome, also got 3 no scopes, 2 jump-headshots and about 2 quick scopes in one game, the game after I got 2 throwing knife kills.. I'm still kind of rusty it will take time till I get good at this game again.. :) I'm going for the barret 50 cal title. :) Dj
  7. Gavri

    Natures Are Natural

    Grats on 91 Rc Matt! :) Enjoy making double natures :)... See ya around, I miss you!!! ;) Dj
  8. Gavri

    Mw2/steam Question

    Well I had MW2 until my steam account got hacked, I lost the game (CD key was in use) I got it back using the support system, but now every time I try opening the steam program it says it needs to update, it starts updating gets to 28% and just stops.. Here are my questions- 1) What should I do about the steam issue? I tried downloading it again.. :) 2) Will my MW2 CD key work if I open a new steam account? Do I have to play it on my old one that I just got back? If this is the wrong place to ask these questions, I'm really sorry and I'll appreciate it if you tell me where is the correct place.
  9. Gavri

    Woot, 99

    Omg Whippy. :) I'm so happy for you, congrats on 99 str man, damn I logged out like 10 mins before I didn't know you're just gonna level. :) Enjoy the cape and Pking with it!! Dj -.-
  10. Gavri

    My Last Pk Ever.

    :) Sorry about your loss, hope you'll pk again one day.. Dj -.-
  11. Gavri


    Omg grats man. <3 I'm so sorry I wasn't online I really wanted to see you get it! :) Dj -.-
  12. Gavri

    My First 99 :d Defence!

    Hai bro, listen I'm really sorry I couldn't come.. I was away and I just got back. I'm very happy for you, hope you enjoy your cape! Congrats. Dj -.-
  13. Gavri

    Who Needs Dds When

    Omg be careful, make sure Rain doesn't see this pic. :) Grats on the kill, I usually ko with a whip too, the dds really does help though.. (Lucky spec, poison). Dj -.-
  14. Hey Sal's. :) I wanted to know, what will be the best thing to string when using the String Jewelery spell in the Lunar Spellbook, I want to know what to string for minimal loss - I'd appreciate it if you state in your post the amount of money I lose per spell. Thank you very much! Dj -.-
  15. Gavri

    Micael's Pvp & Bounty Hunter Gallery

    Amazing gallery my friend, I knew it was gonna be awesome before even opening the topic :). Grats again on the mace! A few questions - Who were you PKing with in the multi pics, Legacy? And when will we see some P2P PKing!! Micky I really wanna see you kick some ass in P2P too! :) Dj -.-

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