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  1. Dei Wei

    120 Firemaking

    Here is my sixth 120 firemaking. This one was quicker than expect due to the speed of curly roots. Also getting 27.7m exp over double exp weekend helped a lot. Now I'm probably moving onto slayer since Jagex has announced that is going to 120. That shoudl aslo pick me up a couple 120s in the form of attack and hit points with them being under 30m to 120.
  2. Dei Wei

    120 Divination

    Congratz on 120 Divination. Shame I couldn't be there. I look forward to see what 120 you get next.
  3. Dei Wei

    120 Divination

    That is 5am for me, so as much as I want to be there I probably won't be. Though gratz in advance.
  4. Dei Wei

    200,000,000 Defence XP

    Congratz on your first 200m. So how long before divination becomes your second?
  5. Dei Wei

    1,000,000,000 XP

    Congratz on 1b exp here hoping you get many more. It's hard to be just this good.
  6. Dei Wei

    200m Cooking Experience

    Obviously 120 invention next. Will probably be training firemaking next as magic logs have taken a nice drop in price.
  7. Dei Wei

    200m Cooking Experience

    Here is 200m number 3 cooking. I have finally reach this long term goal which I have slowly put surely worked on for the past several years.
  8. Dei Wei

    Strange thing in Ranging...

    You don't use up arrows when using abilities. However you will some of the time still get a normal attack in. So either you are really lucky, good or you weapon doesn't require ammo.
  9. Today marks 8 years of Sals for me.

  10. Dei Wei

    Thus far, it has been nothing but short of magical

    Congratz and best of luck with your next 120.
  11. Dei Wei

    Kams Max!

    I shall try and come if I remember.
  12. Here we are with me reaching the 1b total exp milestone and my second 200m dungeoneering. I was intending on getting these together but the invasion of Falador had other ideas.
  13. Dei Wei

    Gems max!

    I shall try and be there.
  14. Dei Wei

    Dei Wei gets 200m Thief

    I invite you all in joining me with getting 200m thief, my first 200m skill. World: 71 Location: Draynor Village Note: Time may be being pushed back.
  15. Dei Wei

    200m Thief

    I have gotten my very first 200m skill thieving. Thanks to all the came. Next I shall be moving onto 200m dungeoneering and 1b exp.
  16. Dei Wei

    Dei Wei gets 200m Thief

    35 minutes to 200m thief.
  17. Dei Wei

    Gorajo's Max Cape Party / 99 Farming

    I shall try and bee there.

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