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  1. Dragonclaw


    Everybody I know is of the same opinion. Idk what Real Madrid's higher ups were thinking. And Real (Without Ronaldo) is losing 4-2 against Real Sociedad as I post this... That was a nightmare. I hope we can bounce back though, Kroos is looking promising imo That result was disastrous. I wasn't pleased at all with the performance. The first fifteen minutes I was watching the game and laughing at the dominance they were exerting and it just all went to shambles. I believe Kroos was a fantastic signing for Real but he doesn't deputize the midfield in the way Alonso did. Alonso was a quintessential holding midfield player. All of the transition from the back line to the midfielders and beyond came through him. The Di Maria loss was also hard to bear considering he had the work rate of a race horse and pace and creativity all mixed with loads of other things. It was hard to see him go and I do question a lot of Perez's transfer activity this summer. Ancelotti is responsible for finding the balance in the Real side again similarly to last season. My best guess is that he would use Sami Khedira or Illara in the holding midfield role to replace Alonso to give Kroos more attacking freedom, or make Kroos be more disciplined and sit closer to the back line. The 5-1 result in the CL during the midweek looked a lot more promising to me though, hopefully it progressively gets better as the season goes on.
  2. Dragonclaw

    Popping In For A Visit

    I appreciate the warm welcome! Welcome back to you as well!
  3. Dragonclaw

    Popping In For A Visit

    Me too! :o I'm glad I still have a few who do. :) I seriously miss the game and the community and I'm going to do my best to come back and play an active part. Off to college for me this year, so it's just difficult to find any time.
  4. Dragonclaw

    Popping In For A Visit

    It's been quite a while... In fact a bit too long. The last post I made was about a year ago, and even then I came out of inactivity to see how the community was doing. I just received an email about my 6-year anniversary not too long ago, and I figured it'd be worth it to pop in to see who still exists or even remembers who I am. So anyways I'd just like to make sure all is well. I can't exactly say I've retired from RuneScape yet because its still in my intentions to return to actively playing when I find some time, but I'm not quite sure when that will be. To be honest I truly miss making guides for the website... I'm going to have to use those now to even know how to play...
  5. Dragonclaw

    Jagex Emails

    The emails are from [email protected] I did not directly click on any links but is that their true e-mail or not? I don't think Jagex would be sending out phishing attempts. I'm just worried that these charges will be given to me when I did not even deserve them. They are not from Jagex. If you reply, it gets sent to the REAL [email protected], and they send you confirmation that it is fake. I don't mean to offend, but I really can't word "they aren't from Jagex" any simpler. Okay, much appreciated. I'll flag them all and get those out of my inbox, thank you very much!
  6. Dragonclaw

    Jagex Emails

    The emails are from [email protected] I did not directly click on any links but is that their true e-mail or not? I don't think Jagex would be sending out phishing attempts. I'm just worried that these charges will be given to me when I did not even deserve them.
  7. Dragonclaw

    Jagex Emails

    While not an in-game question, I was wondering why I am receiving multiple e-mails from Jagex saying my account has been accused of RWT (which I have never done). Apparently I am to be fined $2,500 multiple times but when I log into my account, there are no warnings, no accusations, nothing against me or my only account. I feel that it's possible that someone may have used my email for their account and their account is being accused, however, I really don't want the annoying emails and I'm not sure of how to approach Jagex to let them know because I can't even appeal these warnings because there are none. Any suggestions?
  8. I'll try to come out of RuneScape retirement to see some old friends at this event. It is my 5 year anniversary at Sal's, after all.
  9. Dragonclaw

    Google Earth In 1937

    TBH... The Cold War started on June 6th, 1944 when United States troops first set foot on European soil (not counting Italy which wasn't considered the road to Berlin) and the race for Germany began. From that point on, it became all about grabbing more European land than the Soviets. Technically they were both part of the Allied forces, therefore were working for the same cause. There weren't any hostile movements towards each other, it was a collective effort. When the USSR blockaded Berlin from the West, it relatively began the idea that the Soviets were developing hostile feelings for the United States and other capitalistic nations and vice versa.
  10. Dragonclaw

    Google Earth In 1937

    The Cold War 'symbolically' started in the 1960's with the Berlin blockade and airlift. Therefore the two would not relate due to the fact that these pictures were taken in 1937. However, the world was on the verge of WWII, so it is possible that there was military intent in these photos, or maybe for the idea of technological development. It's a debatable topic.
  11. Dragonclaw

    What Grade Will You Be In?

    I'll be in 10th grade this fall.
  12. Dragonclaw

    Runescape Hd Picture Updates

    I'll be sure to add them in ASAP :D Thank you for your contribution, Ambo!
  13. Dragonclaw

    Monkey Madness

    ok As stated, the demon is not the most difficult part of the quest, I found that to be especially easy. My stats were around yours at the time. Just be sure to safe-spot the demon and keep a close watch on its health bar. I absolutely do not suggest using melee against the demon, stand on the bridge and use protect from magic and either use magic or ranged to kill the demon. Also, considering that you're a new member and probably aren't accommodated to Sal's completely, try not to one word post, as it could be considered spam and you could end up with a warn if these things continually occur. If you would like to look over the rules, they can be found here.
  14. Dragonclaw

    Congratulations Two... Three?

    I saw these all coming, congratulations everyone! :D
  15. Dragonclaw

    Barbarian Village - 85%

    Which one? I plan on adding the map at the end. The building that seems to serve no purpose, it's in the lower left corner of the the village I believe.

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