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  1. Miss Skaii

    Which Is The Best Band?

    Blah, blah, blah, pretentious rhetoric, blah, blah, blah. Their music hides behind a wall of Music Critics. Anyone who has ever seen "Meeting People is Easy," knows that Radiohead cares nothing about critics. From the movie: "Everything the critis say we've already criticized ourselves about." Or something really close to that. If I had a dollar for everytime Thom's been called pretentious...He's a genius. They had to have a whole book written about how great OK Computer was. As far as I'm concerned... But I'm going nowhere here, pretty much. Sorry for the bump but I haven't been able to get on the past week.
  2. I would but I spent it all on my Radiohead tickets :rolleyes:I've been dormant in Sal's for about a year and a half now, but with my parents downloading Google Chrome and my internet blocks being lifted, I'm now free to explore. The put blocks up, oddly enough, because of my conversion to Atheism. They're ultra-Christians, like half the population around here. Hell, I didn't know how I convinced them to buy me RH tickets.Anyways, I'll be reading and commenting on your blog. I might make my own, but I'm too lazy at the moment.
  3. Miss Skaii

    Which Is The Best Band?

    You must be oblivious or something to not see the deep complexity of their lyrics, their absolute disgust at record companies , or Jonny Greenwood owning the guitar. Phil also is one of the best drummers I have ever heard. I'd take thought-out, complex music over thoughtless metal any day. As you can tell I think music should make you think
  4. Miss Skaii

    Warriors Of Saradomin~ 80+, Side Requirements Inside!

    Thank you Skydude. Are you still in TPL? Yeah, I'm like their slave
  5. Miss Skaii

    Whats Your Favorite Band?

    Darn, steal my list? Anyways.... 1. Pains of Being Pure at Heart 2. The Shins 3. Radiohead 4. The Wombats 5. Vampire Weekend 6. LCD Soundsystem 7. Bjork 8. Weezer 9. ...And you will know us by the Trail of the Dead(Art rock, no metal here ) 10. A Band of Horses
  6. Miss Skaii

    Which Is The Best Band?

    Radiohead, by far. Same line-up since '89 and still putting out genius songs.
  7. Miss Skaii

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Reckoner - Radiohead
  8. Miss Skaii

    Wood Cutting Help

    In p2p, the draynor willows go pretty empty. IM f2p, they're not very empty. But I always use those willows or the ones by Rimmington and just sell to the general store
  9. I played it at my friend's house. Once you get past the "ultra-violence," the game is very unique, very cool, and very mature for the Wii Rating: Very good, must-buy game for the Wii
  10. Miss Skaii

    Fog Swordfish Gloves

    Hmm....I really do not know how fast it is, all I know is taht it's the fastest. Here's my strategy: Log into a busy world(1,3,4, note these are f2p - f2p is the only way you can do this I think) and go east of barbarian village to the 2 fly fishing spots. BV is west of Varrock and south of Edgeville, if you didn't know . Anyways, bring your fly fishing rod and feathers. Fish until your inventory is full. Chances are, in a busy world, people will be around asking for raw or cooked food. People asked for cooked food more, though. So I also recommend bringing a hatchet and tinderbox to cook your food. Than, just say "Free cooked food here," someone will trade you, and repeat to your hearts' content. I like this better than lobby/sword fishing because it's easier, faster, and there are more people to chat with Hope I made it clear enough! If not, just tell me.
  11. Miss Skaii

    Random Question

    Draynor.net is where a lot of people get their "skill siggehs" and it's where you can get race sigs too I hear Runetraxx.nl is good too, seeing that it tracks 5 skills at once.
  12. Miss Skaii

    Fog Swordfish Gloves

    If you're looking for profit, use swordie gloves w/ swordfish, drop tuna. It's still slightly slower xp, but w/e. ..You do know fly fishing is the fastest xp, right?
  13. Miss Skaii

    Gilded Altar Pl0x?

    Your best luck is just going to world 31(house arties world). There's always a g altar open there
  14. Miss Skaii

    Guess That Song!

    Learn to say the same thing Let us hold fast to sayin' the same thing I hope all is well with you I wish the best for you When no one is around love will always love you Learn to say the same thing What defeats people is a double confession One time they will confess one thing And the next they will confess something else Talk to them they will say Learn to say the same thing Let us hold fast to saying the same thing Never give up no never give up If you're looking for something easy You might as well give it up Never give up no never give up If you're looking for something easy You might as well give it up GF

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