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  1. Fabis & Baltais99 Double 99 FM Party Today i and my Friend will bout get 99 FM level at same time, Party will be in World 170 ,Seers village bank at X:X o clock. (GMT +2 Time zone)[After an hour] All of you are wellcome here ! p2p Only !
  2. Lucifer

    300k/hr Money Making

    Its swamp lizards i think ( i make with them) like a 500k per/h
  3. Lucifer

    Need Help !

    Can someone please tell me where can i get bloom spell after quest "Nature Sipirit". I need it becose i lost it and know i need it to do "In Search of the Myreque" quest - where i need to fill punch . Can someone please help !!! Thanks !
  4. I play runescape a lot ..... like 6h in a day !!!! i am mad!!!!
  5. Lucifer


    Not bad film.
  6. Lucifer


    I merchant with d axe good cash can be made!!!
  7. Lucifer

    Charm Hunting

    There is second best monstrs the deadly red spiders ...
  8. I didnt tell why i did left rs2- i left becose first time i died in willd with d legs, helm, boots, gloves, and veraks body.
  9. Lucifer

    Ice Fishing

    I like the idea.
  10. Lucifer

    Music System Temporarily Off

    I think they culd update something else but not the music .....
  11. Lucifer

    Shout! Rs Music Video

    ok i will be .....
  12. Lucifer

    99 Fletch

    With yews will be fast but expansive , i trained my flatching with maples and willows.
  13. Lucifer

    Fastest Money Making Skill? F2p

    Mining coal, irone ores.
  14. Lucifer

    How To Make Money!

    Best money are with yews (if you hawe like 80 wc lvl)
  15. I left runescape 2 times and returned .

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