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  1. Zero

    I miss you all

    Happy, but surprised this board is still up.
  2. Zero

    Music Recommendations Thread

    I can't really have a top album, as I am still listening to stuff. The new Culo album is really good. Here are some things I liked though from 2012. Parquet Courts - "Light Up Gold" This album rules. That's it. Joyce Manor - "Of All Things I Will I Soon Grow Tired" My friends got to tour with them before Fest, and I hung around. I got to stay the night with them for the majority of Fest. COOL DUDES. Kids go crazy for them, and this album is really good. Merchandise - "Desire" THIS IS A BANGING RECORD. GO CHECK OUT ALL THE POST CULT RITUAL BANDS: Church Whip, Cottaging, and American Snakeskin.
  3. Zero

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Gnarwolves is a cool band, but most of all the UK pop-punk (plus there's better pop-punk) isn't distinguishable. Gnarwolves rule though.
  4. Zero

    Music Recommendations Thread

    I just got back from the Fest a week ago. Gainesville is a really cool place. Friends were on a mini-tour here in Florida with Joyce Manor, who are quite swell guys. Barry did this acoustic session of one of their demo songs.
  5. I am not really peeved you have to start in metro, but I would like the ability to go straight to the desktop. How are games on it right now? Everything runs fine?
  6. Are you able to start off in the desktop, or are you having to do it every time you restart?
  7. Zero

    Music Recommendations Thread

    I've been listening to a lot of GBV recently.
  8. Zero

    Fest 11

    I know this might be a long shot, but is anyone going to Fest 11 from Sal's?
  9. I try and keep things to a minimum. I use different names on different sites, and have separate e-mails for privacy. However, it'd be a bit hard to find me because of how common my name is. Oh, and Sal I would say it's pretty easy to find your facebook, so I would watch out.
  10. Zero

    Music Recommendations Thread

    TTNG rules, check out You a nice gal! as well. If you want to get into more twinkly stuff, go with: Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, My Heart to Joy, The World Is, Dads, etc.. Since word filter, filtered it out - here's a link to the band I was talking about.
  11. No, not yet. I don't plan on doing this until later on in the week since I have classes. Everything seems to be running fine with Tiny7, no hiccups.
  12. Bluetooth doesn't matter to me - this machine isn't running anything heavy, and will be use for emulators as well office programs. I want to run Ubuntu w/ an install of i3wm, so that's what I am aiming for when I get to do this. Zorin looks clunky.
  13. Yeah, I threw on a copy of Tiny7 on it, and it's working great so far. Hi Zero! I have the same laptop and I gave it a stellar review because...it is stellar :P I've owned it since about the end of June and never had any issues with sluggish behavior under Win7x64. I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 and it ran as good or better than Win7. I had Ubuntu installed for about a week. Then I DL'd Zorin 6 Core 64 and installed from the 3.0 USB slot. I did that Sept 2nd so I've had it running for about 3 days. Same thing, very snappy as good as or better than Win7. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that there may be something wrong with your laptop. Have you run the MemTest from the GRUB menu? I'd think that bad memory would cause crashes rather than sluggish performance though. Possibly it is a hard drive with a lot of bad sectors. That would, I think, make the system act like it was badly fragmented and account for sluggishness under the fresh install of Ubuntu too. Can you possibly exchange it for a new one? ------------- HEY! I've got the fix for your Ubuntu WiFi problem!! First: Set your connection to use IPv4 only - check the box for requiring IPv4. Second: Set the IPv6 tab to 'ignore' in the method dropdown. Next: Open a terminal window and type in this stuff - sudo -s echo "options ath9k nohwcrypt=1" > /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf ...and then reboot. You'll have a rock steady connection just like Win7 had. Thank you! I will get this running sometime soon - I just needed to throw on a copy of Windows on it for school.
  14. http://imgur.com/qXJgq I will go ahead and delete most of what is left - which is mostly the webcam/back up apps provided by them.

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