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  1. krackhead21

    F2p Rune Pure?

    Well ATM, I'm strugling to pick a rune pure or a range/2h, Range/2h has alot of probloms. 1. He would own in med crater but in med I dont think he would do so good. 2. A maxed out range/2h (Like I would ever get there =/) would only be cb lvl 71, I would still be to low of a lvl with out def and higher lvl rune pures str pures etc would own me. 3. I get hit way to often in med crater I almost have to safe just to stay alive for like 5 seconds. But now for the goods of a range 2h, I get awsome k0s. Deadly k0s may I add. But they come out of no where I dont hit them that often. Rune pure time If I were a rune pure I could only imange so many good things 1. I dont get hit as often (I get hit but not as OFTEN) 2. Good dms with other rune pures, so I get better loot. 3.Maxed out I would be lvl 82, so I would own the med crater Now for the bad ones 1. I wouldnt own tell I get 70+ str, which would take some time 2.I woudl be like a main 3. erm, nothing else So I'm probally going to go rune, atm I'm a black pure with 55 str and 10 def nothing else soooo oh and 40 att so you guys tell me Black or Rune pure?
  2. krackhead21

    F2p Rune Pure?

    What are your stats?
  3. krackhead21

    F2p Rune Pure?

    OMG! If you guys have read all my post you would no I have alot of pures. I want to stick to one for now on! And I was doing the math just now, and a maxed out f2p rune pure would only be combat lvl 76, (with 40 def) If he had 45 he woudl be lvl 78 but would still own So here are all the pures I am Trying to choose from... (B T W there all going to be f2p!) Range 2h Hybrid Rune Pure Black Pure Which one should I choose from!!!!
  4. krackhead21

    Whats The Best Pure?

    You know what you guys dont seem to notice is that range 2hers are hybrids.... Lets look at the best f2p range 2her. Most Dreaded..... 86 rane 85 str 61 mage 40 att. If you ask me thats a hybrid, even though its for "HP" you know that they use it for other reasons. So I would vote for hybrid but he mostly range 2hes XD
  5. krackhead21

    Str Pure

    When should I get prayer He is a noob atm Stats... att=10 str=35
  6. krackhead21

    Iniciate Pure, Or Range 2h?

    Right now I just started the str, he has 30 str and 10 att...
  7. Kk, well here I have a range 2h, 45 range 20 att and 20 str. But I also have a str pure, which I'm thinking about going member turning him into iniciate pure. So should I go for f2p range 2h, or p2p iniciate pure? Goals for these pures Range 2h Range=85+ Str=80+ att=40 mage=70 (Hitpoints) Prayer=44 Inciate pure Str=85+ Att=70 Prayer=52
  8. krackhead21

    Mage Tanker

    Ya im going to turn him into mem after 60 mage than ill alc my way to 99 mage than get my range to 70 i saw a lvl 50 like that!
  9. krackhead21

    Mage Tanker

    Hey Guys should my mage tanker ( I know it sounds werid, but I want to try it out.) Should his def be higher or mage? Heres some stats I was planning Okay if his def was higher this is how i was planning to raie stats... 60 def, 50 mage, 75 def 65mage, 80 def, 70 mage and so on If his mage was going to be hire.... Mage 60, def 50, mage 75, def is just 65, and so on Or Mage=60-99 and def stays at 40, and than range high like 70 or something... PLEASE RESPOND I WANT TO START PURE TONIGHT!
  10. Im so consued my Mains file blows! his stats are horrible there 60 def 66 range 60 str 68 att 56 mage>? Should I make a new main only thins time this is what i want his stats to be when i turn him into member. Range=70 mage=60 def=40
  11. Hey is my str pures stats good so far if not what should i raise?ATT= 40STR= 45PRAYER=5RANGE=5 (im getting it up right now to 40 for hitpoints and d'hide for those lame mage pures lol) Who said anything about not dying? What do you lose in wild? Pking supplies. What do you get off of kills in wild? Pking supplies.-Zw00dSpecialy str pures all we loose is rune skimmy 19k who cares and full iron lol 800gpsLets see some fo the stuff we gain300 addys= I was so freakin happy lol :)like 20 rune 2hs= from range 2h's and str pures3 rune body plates=stupid rich main noobs3 rune plate legs= again stupid rich main noobs3 Rune full helms and rune kites= again again stupid rich main noobsAnd I'v died like 6 times all from those cursed range 2hers >< I HATE THEM lol any way so i have lost about 120k But from just those 3 fullr runes i got 600k and 300 addys sold it for 100k and Im not even joking I'v gotten to be excact about 10 rune 2hs, i kept them though for when i died but thats 1 mil rite there 900k profit so yes you can make a full time pking job :)
  12. krackhead21

    Rate My Pure For Its Level

    Dueling stakes are going to change, Now you are going to be able to stake depending on the amount of quest points u have... Either way now us pures are going to have to get quest points.. Which is a downer :( :)
  13. krackhead21

    Rate My Pure

    Well personly I HATE RUNE PURES, I think there a waste of time and they blow, My main always kills them and my new str pure will soon too. (NO OFFENCE, BUT I HATE FREAKIN RUNE PURES)
  14. As you knwo my prevous topic was should my str pure have prayer, I got alot of replies I didnt really want, not answering my question much, with people telling me to become a rune pure. So Can ani one tell me what should my stats be, Thses are my stats right now ATT= 35 STR= 40 HITPOINTS=35 PRAYER=5 So can ani one tell me what ishould raise or do please?!?!?
  15. krackhead21

    Should My Str Pure Have Prayer


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