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  1. lilduck99

    Demon Killing

    OUCH!....I don't think this really qualifies to be a guide. To many spelling mistakes, not enought facts, weak words, you can't really use the word "whatever", "maybe". You have to include facts not just what you do and you must list other possbalities. I would just stop writing it. With all do respect it's horrible.....
  2. lilduck99

    Ultimate F2p Money Maker

    .....according to salmoneus all money making guides HAVE to go into one big one.
  3. lilduck99

    Ksa Mining And Smithing Shop

    Thanks for that info, now flame your own topic.Welcome to the shop fybl100.Post #1 Updated ummm....How am i flaming? I'm not yelling at you swearing or cussing you out....So stop being "ignorant" and know what the words that are comming out of your mouth mean =-) Thanks for that info, now flame your own topic.Welcome to the shop fybl100.Post #1 Updated ummm....How am i flaming? I'm not yelling at you swearing or cussing you out....So stop being "ignorant" and know what the words that are comming out of your mouth mean =-)
  4. lilduck99

    Revenant Hunting Guide

    All Ghost use the same magic and range as each other. 50% range 50% mage...Confirmed by Mod Emilee
  5. lilduck99

    Ksa Mining And Smithing Shop

    You can't say coptyright Ksa or anything like that because it's not a registered trademark.
  6. lilduck99

    Revenant Hunting Guide

    .....You forgot the Demon one....and the main reason that Jagex made them was to keep players located mostly in either clan wars or bounty hunter, to stop real world trading....it had nothing to do with making the wildy more dangerous....lol
  7. lilduck99

    Money Making Rewrite

    Hey I'm willing to put some effort to finish up the mining section. (Wilderness mines will not be mention except RUNITE mine) Making money with mining is one of the best F2p and P2p methods out there. There are many ores out there so there are many ways to make money. Mining COAL is one of the most easiest and quickest way to make money. Coal can sell from 150-200 gp ea. Coal is found is many mines including the grandest of all, The Mining Guide. When you recieve 30 mining ore more you will be able to mine the special rock that can also become very useful for smithing as well. If you have at least 28 combat level I would recomend mining in Dwarvin mines where there is many coal rocks, but beware it would be wise to wear armor if your combat is lower than 50 since there scorpians everywhere. Another great mine is the Al Kharid mine. Just like the Dwarvin mine tho, scorpians are everywhere and armor is recomended. Not to many rocks are Al kharid but it's still a good choice because of The Duel Arena bank is close by. South-West of Lumbridge swamp lies a another mine that contains a fair number of coal rocks and is somewhat close to the bank. Once you reach 60 mining don't hold back and go directly to the mining guide which contains at least 37 coal rocks. Even with Candor island so far away don't be discouraged to go try to ming coal at that location, there are many coal rocks located the Candor island as well. Coal takes about 30+ seconds to respawn Mining MITHRIL is another great rock to mine where your mining level is at least 55. Mithril can be sold from 300gp - 500gp which is great money if you harvest/mine many of them. Mithril is located in many mines but mines that stand out are the mining guide where 5 rocks are located. Also just outside of the mining guide 2 mithril rocks are located as well, but beware scorpains are everywhere so armor is recomended to 50 and below combat. Southwest of the Lumbridge swamp is a mine containing 5 mithril rocks and are usually open for mining. In Candor Island there are at least 6 mithril rocks that are most NEVER mined, so take advantage and mine them! Mithrils take about two+ minutes to respawn. ADAMANTITE ores are a bit more harder to get than other ores but they sell from 1000gp -1500 which can bring you with a large sum of cash if many are mined. Adamantite ore can be mined at lvl 70 mining. Adamantie ore can be found in Dwarvin mines just outside The Mining Guide and there are 3 rocks located there. Adamantite ore can also be found in the skeleton mine but people with 50 and below combat should wear armor, two rocks are located here. South - West of Lumbridge swamp a mine is located with two rocks of adamantite ore. In Candor Island there are 3 adamantite ore rocks that are mostly NEVER mined as well and are great and mostly always open for a miner. *Note about mining adamantite ore* - If your looking to stock up in a lot of ores it would be wise to world hop since adamantite ores take about four+ minutes to respawn. Mining RUNITE makes much more money than many other skills. It's possable to make up to 1 million dollors per hour, Believe it or Not. For mining runite you must world hop since ores take 12-30 minutes to respawn back. For F2p runite ores are located only in lvl 46 wildy near the lava maze. Members can mine runite at the Hereo's guide and Lava Maze Dungeon. Ores can be sold for up to 13800 gp ea. However mining runite isn't the easiest thing to do. If your not carefull you can die in a flash. Beware of Ghost! Things you need to mine runite: F2p *85 mining *Bronze Pickaxe or better What to Wear: Two Outfit and choices Oufit One: Rune Full Helmet Rune Plate Body Rune Plate Legs Rune Kiteshield Power Amulet or Holy Symbol Leather Boots - Fighting boots- Fancy boots Any Cape Dragon Hide Vambraces Pickaxe wielded Outfit 2 Rune Full Helmet Dragon Hide Body Dragon Hide chaps Rune Kiteshield Power Amulet Leather boots - Fighting Boots - Fancy boots Any cape Dragon Hide Vambraces Pickaxe wielded Invo: Carry about 10-20 lobs, use up the spaces then eat lobs to make more room 1 by 1 as you go. The idea is to have many lobs incase you're under attack by ghost. Mine until two lobs are left then head back to the bank located near bounty hunter for easy, close, and fast storage. If under attack by a ghost turn on the prayer needed for the type of attack the ghost is using. If you do not have 37+ prayer run for your dear life, some ghost hit as high as 30! Always run a far distance and log out, remember these ghost are known to follow people. Tell me how I did? I have a lot of grammer mistakes....but it would help if you could point those out. If this is up to your standards please put it in your guide. Thanks lil duck 99
  8. lilduck99

    Ultimate F2p Money Maker

    NICE guide first of all, There's some things I think you should consider: *90 Mining shouldn't be recomended, As long as you have 85+ mining it won't make a difference if your mining is 99 or 85 as long as you can mine runite. Right now I have 90 mining but I mine runite at the same rate I mined runite when i was lvl 85. *75 magic does not help magic def. The type of clothes or robes you wear affects magic def. * If your title says "Ultimate F2p Money Making guide" and the first thing you do is say that 80 Hp and defense is recomended isn't so great. If your going to list that a certain lvl is recomended I think it should be put in the title as well. (It's your guide but I'm just saying, I mined close to 4k runites in my runite mining career and I don't think 80 def and Hp is required or recomended. I'm was combat lvl 80-83 when I mined a lot of runite and only had 60 def and 69-72 Hp and it didn't really make a difference.) *The D-hide outfit is pretty good actually but here are some things to consider: Amulet of Magic- Instead I would recomend Power Ammy or Holy Symbol to help prayer out. Anti-Fire Shield- For me the ghost shoot range just as much as they shoot mage, so instead of Anti-Fire you should wear a regular rune kite to help out from range and melee attacks. Magic staff- Don't forget your mining runite and you want as much runite as possable from each load, instead of wielding the staff that's not completly required wield a pickaxe so it saves an extra invo space. Also no need to buy so much items like you said , ~ten of each~? It's just a waste of bank space that can be used elsewhere. Platebody- I think you should either wear this or not bring it at all, it's a waste of invo space than can be used to carry a runite rock (after all this is about mining runite not carry things around). * For food, If you have enough money (or you can fish them yourself) I think you should bring a good 10-20 lobs and eat a lob and mine instead of just carry few lobs. This is a safer way since you can still have room to mine since your eating as you go put be prepared with food as well if under attack. Don't forget the ghost can hit up to 30s- If they hit you with two 30s thats FIVE lobs already used. *Ghost are EVERYWHERE and not at one spot all the time. I think the map is not correct. The ghost are found in random places and don't just stay in one location all the time. (I check your red areas 2/8 times I checked there was there actually a ghost, I checked else where and there were the same chances of finding a ghost which means ghost are located everywhere. *When you said "Choose Spike for best mining style", It won't make a difference. Spike, Impale, Smash, and Block are referring to melee and not mining style. If you click spike and you get attacked, experiance goes towards attack and so on. So that's that reffering to mining style but instead to combat style. *Also you seem to care about safety and what your wearing than mining the ore.....? Thanks for taking the time to read this! ~lil duck 99~

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