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  1. He was planning to at the start of the weekend but he's been rather busy for the last couple days. I would say this isn't likely to start until maybe tomorrow.
  2. Evidently things around here go even slower than they used to.
  3. Name: Henry Cole Age: 32 Gender: Male Appearance: Cole is 6'10" with a muscular frame. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. Rank: Corporal Unit: 1st Platoon Role: Heavy Infantry Weapons: Hailmaker, Daisy. Mech Loudout: Not Mech Platoon. General Information: Henry Cole exited the helldiver training program two years ago and was shuffled into the ghosts who had a couple weeks of rec time. His first mission with the unit was the Battle of Typhera where he quickly proved himself capable of living through some of the worst fighting the unit would encounter. Following Typhera he took part in actions at Nortal, Hurst, Porkath, Aquila, Hundur, Slamet and Mynerva. At Mynerva he was one of the thirteen members who survived the final assault on the Tek Control Nexus which ended up winning the fight for the Imperium. Other: To anyone reading cole's history note that I gave this character to Erebus while this was in development so he could be one of the people already in the unit. Unless you've been told otherwise Erebus wants to make it clear that you are new recruits fresh out of training. Your guys might have been crack marines before they entered the Helldvier project but now they're just new meat.
  4. Sacred


    As Turmek reached a row of low hedges behind the main building he crouched low as he waited for the rest of the rangers to catch up. "Alright... So what's the plan now?" He whispered to the ranger next to him.
  5. Sacred


    Name: Turmek Sier'Tia Age: 23 Gender: Male Nationality: Aqualia Height: 6'2" General Appearance: Medium brown short hair, mostly gentle features, he ahs a fairly average build but it hides a light step and a quick sword arm. Clothing/Armour: Armor is that of the Aqualian guard. Almost always heavy of Medium styles. He also likes white trench coats and cavalier hats with only a 'small' feather and which are made more like cowboy hats. Weapon(s): Proficient with a rapier and crossbows. He has a special crossbow which can be loaded with two bolts at once and he has an ornate rapier he uses. He can also use a longsword but he likes his rapier. Element(s): Hmm... Earth, Fire, Magma, Steel, Tenebra. Lightning is overused, Khaos and Aether will fail. The world is a happy place. General Info: Turmek is a noble of the house Sier'tia in Lifiera. As such he had an easy childhood getting what he wanted when he wanted and however he wanted. In school he was a bright student and it soon became evident that he was proficient in a number of elemental arts which he used in fun and unique combinations. When he was 16 as is custom amongst the Sier'Tia he was placed in the Royal guard so he could learn to serve. In teh royal guard he has proven to be a valuable member of the unit and is quite skilled in swordplay and elemental magic!!!!! Other: Yeah, you know it.
  6. Sacred


    OOC: Bryon has two swords?? OOC: Yeah, dual swords, like katanas. OOC: Oh ok. The app I looked at was the earlier one that didn't have swords on it. Anyways no time for a IC at the moment I might post later. OOC: Oh sorry, if you don't like it I can remove it. It's cool. What I meant by the app I was looking at was when you mentioned the swords I looked at an early version of your app. The swords just confused me for a few minutes. IC: "Hell no! You keep your little pig stickers." Henry said jamming the butt of his rifle into the jaw of a zombie causing it to flip backwards over the rail and plummet to the ground below. Quickly checking over the rail to make sure the impact had killed the zombie Henry took aim at the last zombie he could see scampering up the crane's supports and he took careful aim before letting loose a quick burst which caught the zombie in the chest and legs knocking it off the support and send it to fall to its death. Carefully looking at what supports he could still see Henry didn't spot any more zombies on his side and holding down the talk button on his radio he started talking. "Captain, this is Cole. My side of the crane appears clear. I'll remain over here unless you need support." "Roger that Cole we've almost wrapped things up here. Remain where you are and watch for more hostiles." O'Reilly's responded a few seconds after Henry finished his message and Henry rested his rifle on the railing as he slowly scanned the area for more zombies.
  7. Sacred


    OOC: Bryon has two swords?? OOC: Yeah, dual swords, like katanas. OOC: Oh ok. The app I looked at was the earlier one that didn't have swords on it. Anyways no time for a IC at the moment I might post later.
  8. Sacred


    OOC: Bryon has two swords??
  9. Active again? Did I have a character?
  10. Sacred


    OOC: Oh and if anyone notices apps that I missed adding onto the front page let me know. And I added some more NPCs that will be inserted in due time. And School's out. IC: As Henry reached the far side of the platform, his ears still bleeding from the screeching zombie he found more zombies already halfway of up the supports, their long arms and legs scampering up the supports as they rushed for the platform. Resting his SCAR on the railing of the platform and opened fire in short three round bursts and as the first couple zombies began to fall the others began scrambling up faster trying to reach the platform before they were hit and Henry was only able to knock another one off before they were reaching the platform. Slamming the butt of his rifle into the face of the first zombie to reach the platform Henry knocked it lose and turned ready to rush for the other support where a group of three zombies were clambering on the platform. As he turned however Heather dropped from where she had been on top of the control room, he two MP7s out and blazing as she methodically cut through the cluster of zombies trying to get on top. "Jesus Cole, I thought you were actually good at shooting things." Heather said with a wink before moving around to another side of the platform leaving Henry to continue picking off the few zombies still left of his side of the platform.
  11. Sacred


    It's the last week of school so I can't post much. I might have more time once school ends.
  12. Sacred


    "Alright team move out." O'reilly said after everyone was on the ground and he started moving towards the crane. Henry followed at a slow trot watching the buildings around the construction zone carefully. He was glad the construction zone was mostly just a wide flat area with a few unfinished buildings frames here and there. It provided a large amount of open space for them to spot any zombies that decided to investigate their group and it was fairly easy to travel over. As Henry reached the base of the crane he looked up at the platform well above his head searching for some sign of a ladder. "Captain over here." Lieutenant Schultz called to O'reilly but Henry looked anyways to see hims tanding at the base of one of the supporting beams which had a ladder on the side. "Good work Lieutenant. Alright everyone we're going up. Cole and Schultz you're up first everyone fall in behind them and don't slip." O'reilly barked in his usual authoritatrian tone and Henry jogged over to the Ladder to start climbing up behind Schultz. The climb was long and twice they had to walk along catwalks to get to the next ladder but when they reached the top they were realized to find the main platform devoid of zombie life. "Looks like we're the only living things up here." Henry said as he wandered around the platform. "Out here maybe. Check the control house that's where we'll probably sleep so check to make sure that's clear." Schultz said gesturing towards the door of the large control house. "Yes sir." Henry replied walking over and opening the door. Quickly scanning the room didn't see anything so he started walking around the quiet controls and checking the few side rooms which were mostly empty. "Nothing here Lieutenant. We're good to set up camp." Henry said as he dropped his pack next to one of the control panels and sat down in an operators chair. "Copy that." Schultz said with a rare smile and the Lieutenant leaned over the railing to shout down to O'reilly. "We're All good up here Captain. From the looks of things this place will do. Have everyone come up and get settled."
  13. I just came into this thread, started reading the last page and burst out laughing. I play COD4 with friends on occasion now and I play MW2 every once in awhile when we want a different set of perks and suck. That being said I don't ever play online anymore as I just got sick of people complaining in all the time. And Honestly if people get riled up about a person staring through a scope for more than a couple seconds I have to wonder what is coming to the gaming community of the world. Snipers in all games are meant to stare through the scope searching for a target. The whole no-scoping fad in COD is just ridiculous; sure it's awesome and fun to do but that's not sniping. Honestly the community for MW2 and COD4 I think is now its biggest detriment. I mean people complain about every little thing that they get killed by. Martydom? That was a useful perk and it made people have to pay attention and always be ready to sprint away from someone they killed. Yet loads of people complained about it and well it's gone now. Same with Juggernaut, I mean seriously that was a defense against everyone using stopping power it was great and it didn't give an unreasonable boost to health. The massive hating of grenade launchers is something I didn't understand either. At least not when compared to the RPG which was even more devastating in the right hands and often takes absolutely no skill to make amazing shots just due to the RPGs random nature. Grenade launchers were just long range version with a weaker explosion and a straighter flight path. Sure they could hit you across the map but that takes skill when you take into account their drop which is harder to aim than bullets until you're used to them. I could go on about more things as well, M16s, Rushers, Campers, Helicopters, Flash bangs, Frags and so many others. I'm almost surprised that people haven't started complaining about bullets killing people and that only you should be allowed to kill anyone. It's like people have lost the whole idea of what a game is about. Playing it for what it is and having fun doing it. Instead they're all wrapped up in K/Ds, achievements and killstreaks and not in the enjoyment of playing the game. If something kills you that's the game and life, there's nothing you can do about it. You can be a god at a game and still die. Making up excuses that other players suck because they use certain play styles is in my mind a clear indication that the person making up such accusations isn't having fun and should find another game they might actually enjoy to play. Just thought I might share my two cents about what I think of the game these days. Comes off as a bit more of a rant than I intended but my point is still there. People need to relax a little and get used to being killed in this sort of game and to also see the useful side of things.
  14. And if that didn't fix the problem? About half the topics are like that and the other half are normal.
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