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  1. Yo. Surprised you remembered your password, actually.
  2. Holy shizzle, Fencefry! That's a really nostalgic name. How've you been?
  3. I got the email saying I've been here for 8 years. I don't know what to say.
  4. Hey, I never said I was leaving forever. Thanks guys.
  5. It seems that I’ve also reached the end of my road here at Sal’s. It’s been a long way with many memories and many experiences that I cherish, but I feel it’s time to end my journey here. I don’t deny that recent events helped me to reach this decision, but most of what I have come to know and love here at Sal’s has come and gone. I may be looking at some of these things with rose-tinted glasses, but the Roleplay Room, the Story Mat, the forum paper, the Salcast, and even the ‘Scape Lounge were great. Now, I find myself coming here rarely, and when I am here, I’ve little to do. So before I leave, I’d like to give a shout out to a few people for making Sal’s an awesome place, even if they’re no longer here to see it. Fake, Ellibereth, Redmonke, Bob-Sama, Zooey, Luna, Ent, Finisterra, Dani, Aliath, Silavor, Snow, Leo, Finway, Emanick, Naota, Sonata, Ryo, Adam?, Goggie, and any of you who I may have forgotten about –You guys are awesome. Thank you. If anybody wants to keep in touch, my Steam name is still Click This, and I also am Click This over at RPGuild. My e-mail has been the same for years. Thanks for all your time. I’ll probably drop in every so often. It’s a damn shame that Sal’s has declined so much over the years. Ciao.
  6. Well it seems everyone's been sitting around for the past few months waiting for someone else to start a RP thread. Someone's gotta just sit down and do it, and that sounds like a fun idea for an RP. I'd say run with it! That's the gist of it, but I'm less inclined to start one in the Lounge and I feel others are as well. The only way I see roleplays even remotely working in the 'Lounge would be to either pin topics or have an entirely separate subforum within it, which we've all but agreed is impossible.
  7. My argument is for having the roleplays put into the Library, unless I'm misinterpreting your sentence. >.<
  8. But you won't get any RPs going if the RP community refuses to post here. As for topics getting pinned, well I highly doubt that's going to happen. It would be favouring a group of people over other groups, what if the Mafia players decided they wanted their popular Mafia games pinned too? What if Adam? and the DSZ fans decide they want the DSZ topic pinned? What if the bronies decide they need a topic pinned too? I just don't see it working. The way is see it the moderators have presented their argument as to why the RPs should stay here, and it's a good argument, but now they should let the RP community decide. Because if refusing to move the RP topics to the Library means killing the RP community (if they do not accept the mod team decision) then I think you'll agree it's preferable to move the topics. I don't know about you but I'd much rather have the RP community last a little longer (even if not much longer) than lose it right now because of this. The bold is where I got the idea of some RPers boycotting, because, if they resist the change, what other way are they resisting other than to not RP here. I interpreted that more of being less-inclined to roleplay, but I suppose we shouldn't nitpick and get back on the main topic of fixing this stuff.
  9. 'Tis alright, Micael. It happens. :P Seacon, you implied that some of us would boycott the 'Lounge should the mods decide against it, which to me, came out of nowhere.
  10. When did I put any words in your mouth? In both occasions I used the word 'might' - "[...] 'might' not accept the decision[...]" "[...] 'might' only have two options [...]". Never said it was a fact you or anyone else would stop RPing nor even once mentioned your name in one of my posts. I merely stated it was a possibility keeping the topics here would do more harm than good, and seeing as the RP community is almost dead the only thing worse than 'almost dead' as far as I know is 'dead'. Common sense. So please I'd appreciate if you didn't put words in my mouth. Peace, Micael. I was addressing Seaconmorae.
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