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  1. Thedoors333

    Help With Concentrating

    Ok, this is how I think of ADD, ADHD, and anything else that pretains to this. First i would like to say two things, first, I have been diagnosed with ADD, and Second, please, no one flip out over what I'm about to say, although you may say it if you also have ADD, or ADHD. I think, through personal experiensise, that ADD and ADHD are basically just labels that the government, and doctors place on kids. ever since I have had a lable basically placed on my forhead, I have found people think I'm a bit wierder than before. Look at the stats. It seems there are more kids in the world born with "ADD and ADHD" than "normal" kids! All ADD and ADHD means is we learn differently, through visual, audio, ect. So, in conclusion, if you want to learn something, why don't you put it into a song, or chant it! Draw a picture explaining whatever it is! Don't be discouraged because people think your "disabled" because your not, your just as normal as the next person
  2. Thedoors333

    Air Running -100% Done

    very helpful, thx and good luck on getting this published
  3. Thedoors333

    The Addiction? (continued)

    I found that Runescape has done good things and bad. Pros: Made good friends better than doing other things that most kids my age do turned me into a funny, popular geek (acually, its alot of fun to be one) I found, several times in class, (geography) the teacher asked me what makes steel, and I said "iron and coal, more coal than iron" *correct!* Cons: I have found myself playing about 1 hour-2 hours a day Parents tell me to get off, I don't Kids make fun of me for playing it (happens quite alot)
  4. Thedoors333

    Super Stop Now Hiring!

    is there a reward? money? My stats are: Attack: 58 Str: 55 Defence: 46 Ranging: 34 prayer: 39 Magic: 45 hitpoints: 52 crafting: 40 mining: 52 smithing: 43 fishing: 51 cooking: 51 Woodcutting: 51 firemaking: 50 I'm gona spend awhile tommorow runecrafting, so I'll get that to at least 30. I'll Pm you in game TM
  5. Thedoors333

    Any1 Play The Game Fate?

    I used to play Fate, but got discouraged when I couldn't play due to demo being up. That was probably one of the coolest games I've seen in awile
  6. Thedoors333

    Need A Good Game

    Maple Story (which gets boring after about a week) Runescape, as you probably already play Nowhere else and beyond (tryed helping to make the game, but the people did give me enough credit, so I quit. Horrable grafix, fun game) hmmmm, what else.... Oh! try Endless Online (I got bored of it pretty quickly, but If you are succesful in the game, it can be fun)
  7. Thedoors333

    Role Playing Rules

    Ok, I'm glad I read this. I feel bad tho, because one of my Apps was rejected because I worded the weapons in a confusing way. But the DM was really rude anyways...
  8. Thedoors333

    Fake Gallery And Animations!

    OMG! YOuR AMAZING! I was laughing all throughout these! I need more!
  9. Thedoors333

    Some Emotes I Made

    oh... thx for yor input
  10. Thedoors333

    Warrior Picture

    it was not made in paint, as paint does not have a blur tool. this belongs in the grfx section, not the pixel studio. kk, srry bout that.... whenever I make a post, it seems I put it in the wrong place. ok, do you know how I can move it? I'm sure your great! ok, thx for your input, and do u know how I can move it?
  11. Thedoors333

    Warrior Picture

    Ok, here he is! the one I have is transparent though
  12. Thedoors333

    Some Kind Of A Self-portrait Sketchy-thing

    haha, pretty cool
  13. Thedoors333


    I think people are to quick to critizise (jelouse?). You did an amazing job
  14. Thedoors333

    Some Emotes I Made

    Well, I kinda got bored after completing my Avatar (i'll post its picture in another topic) so I created these. 1st: [URL=http://imageshack.us][IMG=http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/7611/sustickfiguredl7.png][/URL] 2nd: [URL=http://imageshack.us][IMG=http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/7089/pwned1ad0.png][/URL] (i know, its not transparent between his dagger and his head, I forgot) 3rd: [URL=http://imageshack.us][IMG=http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/9112/pwned2rz9.png][/URL]
  15. Thedoors333

    High... On Love

    i really like it (10/10) great job

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