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  1. got kind of a whopping load of blue dragons and i'm not really a proficient level for making it quickly. Looking for some advice on best possible methods without skipping and without training to higher levels first. att 66 str 70 def 58 hp 65 range 53 magic 59 45 prayer slayer 50. Combat level 80 just go ahead and lob some ideas out there. The obvious one is just take it slowly and hash it out melee maybe looking for less obvious solutions. Thanks.
  2. hahahahah872


    yeah im usually not that stupid. Idk why I spaced so much. Really pissed but i think im over it now.
  3. hahahahah872


    Just got scammed 60k in old school RS by trading for an iron scim vs a rune scim and I'm angry and had to say it. I am dumb.
  4. I have acquired a sara page 3 and guthix page 4 from a clue scroll and I'm just not sure of the price in 07 rs. They are valuable in EOC but does that even translate. Would anyone even have enough money to buy these yet for what they are truly worth? Thanks for any help possible! P.s. open to offers and sorry if I should've asked this in the marketplace. I wasnt sure due to it being a question.
  5. hahahahah872

    slayer assignment - kalphites

    cool thanks guys. I will check it out a little bit more. I was suprised turael gave me it as well. Maybe its an OSRC vs EOC RS issue again.
  6. hahahahah872

    slayer assignment - kalphites

    I was given 48 kalphites by turael in 07 RS and I'm only combat level 23 and I can't seem to find a way that it will even be possible at such a low level. Let me know what you guys are thinking? and any tips to complete the assignment faster would be great as well. Thanks a bunch. P.s. slayer level 10
  7. hahahahah872


    I am level 91 combat and have att:70 str:70 def:69 const:70 prayer:53 magic:71 range:56 and summ:42 and I was just wondering what you guys think woiuld be a good weapon to train strength with from here. Also, what a good way to train melee would be and what a good way to train range would be. Thank you for any suggestions! P.s. I am a member
  8. hahahahah872

    Magic Armour

    Thanks a bunch I would love to see that screen shot
  9. hahahahah872

    Magic Armour

    When doing magic at level 65 what is good to wear? also when I reach 70 what should I switch to if anything!? any help would be great. I would like some options as well as your opinion on what is best please and thanks.
  10. hahahahah872

    Dragon Hatchet

    would i be able to lend out a dragon hatchet for like a certain amount per hour and if i could how much?
  11. The Runecrafting leveling guide is overly complicated and confusing. It generally has to much reading and does not really get to the point. The point being what is the fastest most cost effecient ways to train the skill from 1-99. It really makes training a skill that I really don't like to begin with even worse and I would like to see it improved with less information on things that make runecrafting runecrafting and how I can train it quicker with as little pain as possible.
  12. hahahahah872

    Corruption In Rs

    @doddsy but the bot to person ratio has changed since then. there are more bots and less people.
  13. hahahahah872

    Corruption In Rs

    You're 100% wrong jethraw back in the day and I'm not saying it because I want it to be true but because it is true, you could hold a conversation with someone while cutting logs or doing whatever and it passed the time and it's what made the game a really good time but now since everyone is a bot the people who actually play sit there alone bored to death for hours without any one to talk to. It is a terrible problem and it is way worse than it ever was before and that is the truth and its not glossing it over. It is just the way it is.
  14. hahahahah872

    Corruption In Rs

    That was so the truth ^^^^^^^^^ LOVE LOVE LOVE AND AGREE!
  15. Gotta say my town would have to be the Lost City just because

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