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  1. Pixel Bunnie

    The last person to post here wins

    You wouldn't get anything these days because salt and sugar are bad, and everyone has intolerances and allergies - Forbid if the school should get sued because a kid choked on an apple too.
  2. Pixel Bunnie

    Why was I IP banned?

    Oh, that's so bizarre (and funny) I suppose It's just that it also coincided with me being overseas, but it seems that was a coincidence if it happens to you guys too. A broken fansite for a broken game - completely off topic, I got my 15 year cape on RS and thought to myself, 'I can't believe I still play this s**t game'. Long story short, it made me think of this place.
  3. Pixel Bunnie

    Why was I IP banned?

    Could one of the moderators/admin please explain why I was IP banned? Was it because I logged in while overseas on holidays, and not from my past IP address? I'm a bit confused! I know I didn't break any rules and I've logged in from overseas before. - Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section. Thanks
  4. Pixel Bunnie

    Returning to Runescape

    I did consider it but since I can only commit to very few hours per week, I don't want to start from the beginning. If that wasn't the case, then I would most certainly play OSRS but I just don't have the time to commit to building up another account. Surprisingly, I've met a few other players in my situation in the game and have managed to join a clan, so although the community is very different, I haven't had issues with getting help in the game so far. Thank you for your suggestion though. :) That potion must be after my time, but it sounds very useful. This is the sort of advice I'm looking for, thanks! :)
  5. Pixel Bunnie

    Returning to Runescape

    OK, well that's consistent with other advice I've been given. i won't be playing more than a few hours a week so I want something efficient. It's unbelievable how much everything has come down on the GE. I suppose that's expected after a 7 year hiatus.
  6. Pixel Bunnie

    Returning to Runescape

    It's been almost a decade since I have played RS seriously and I haven't played at all in the last 6 years but I have been feeling nostalgic recently. I need to make money on RS3 before I do anything else, since I have been so out of the loop, can anyone tell me how to make money with 85 Herblore and 85 Farming. I would really appreciate some help! Thanks :)
  7. Pixel Bunnie

    Board games

    The only 'gaming' I've managed to fit into my busy schedule in the last few years has been online board games since you can finish a game in about 30-45 minutes and play as infrequently or frequently as you like. I've really been enjoying Castles of Burgundy, Stone Age, Pompeii and Oregon. I've been playing a bit of Agricola offline as well. Does anyone know any good two player games? Any online websites you use?
  8. Pixel Bunnie

    How to eat cheaply

    Oh my unicorn...it looks like you could write a book on frugal living!
  9. Pixel Bunnie

    How to eat cheaply

    Just don't eat, 2% body fat is fashionable.
  10. Pixel Bunnie


    15 years ago I remember I could buy a lolly with 5c, now I got to buy a whole bulk bag for $2 (the per unit price now is actually cheaper than 15 years ago) but I only want one lolly :(
  11. Pixel Bunnie

    Fantasy Bra 2014 Victoria's Secret

    Don't forget the custom fitting at no extra cost! ^_^
  12. Pixel Bunnie

    Has it really been 10 years?!

    Well, hello there Who are you?
  13. Pixel Bunnie

    Has it really been 10 years?!

    Insane! I wonder who is still here that I knew..
  14. Pixel Bunnie

    Cartoons you watched as a young'un

    The Ferals, Agro's Cartoon Connection, Heartbreak High (shameful), Ocean Girl, Round the Twist, Blinky Bill, The Genie from Down Under.
  15. Pixel Bunnie


    Just don't study art, history or literature because even with a PhD you'll still be working at your video store (yes my suburb still has one).

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