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  1. Had some resources last week but I forgot to post :( Cappedity
  2. Haven't capped in a while. Sorry!
  3. This is my screenshot of my resource cap.
  4. bby

    10 Year Veteran Cape

    There should be an option after he says that, something like, "How long exactly do I have to wait?" Yes, and that doesn't happen. :( Might wanna cover up that IP address :P and update the recoveries, they seem awfully old :s 2 years to go. Kinda sad tbh how I've played since I was 7. That's just an external IP and changes quite often so it's whatever.
  5. bby

    10 Year Veteran Cape

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but Hans won't even really mention the 10 year vet cape. All he says that seems to relate to it is "I'm sure you'll get there soon, within a year if my senses are correct". I'm annoyed and saddened. This screen cap of my recov questions shows I def have had the account for 10+ years. Reported the bug so maybe it will be fixed soon?

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