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  1. I haven't been on the site for a long time, and despite actually helping to write a couple of the older quest guides, I'm not seeing where to report a mistake in one. The mistake is in the Dimension of Disaster guide, which says the key for the church trapdoor is in the drain outside Sir Prysin's house. It's actually in the chest of drawers in his bedroom. (I just played through the quest twice.)
  2. sionnach dhu

    Clan Citadels Update

    Not to mention that Jagex is a British company. :( :D :P
  3. I don't see this as substantially different from missing out on 10 penguins a week, the circus every week, doing TOG every week, missing out on holiday events... etc etc.
  4. sionnach dhu

    Runefest 2011

    Sadly, that's far from true. Ask anyone who does social work with kids about the parents who give babies liquor to stop them crying, or are so out of touch with reality they don't see anything wrong with letting small children share their drugs and liquor. We have a family friend whose mother used to give him pot to smoke when he was three or four.
  5. sionnach dhu

    Troll Invasion

    It's not "simply a bonus". It's a marketing ploy to get people to a) go to GameStop b) pay more for their membership.
  6. sionnach dhu

    Nomads Requiem

    That's essentially the method I used, although it took me quite a few tries. However, I'd advise setting your left click for the familiar to "take BOB", and waiting to dismiss until the BOB's inventory is empty. Then, during one of the times the clones are out and you're resting behind the pillar, summon your kyatt and switch the left click option to "special attack". The reason I suggest this is that a) if the fight goes on a long time, the dropped items may respawn b) during Nomad's attack with the mines, if a mine lands on or near your dropped stack of items, IT WILL BLOW THEM UP. Editing to add: I highly recommend getting your prayer level high enough to use "leech defense". That's what finally gave me the edge I needed to stay alive and to inflict enough damage on Nomad.
  7. sionnach dhu

    Vanity Items

    Yup. Been playing computer games since 1988 or so... my then-boyfriend had a 386 with, oh, I think it was 4 megs of RAM and a 250mg hard drive. :D :( :P Don't remember any more all the games we played, other than the original "Warlords" (fantasy turn-based strategy) and a helicopter flight combat game called, I think, "Gunship". And I started building my own computers somewhere around 1993. But I was a game-playing geek even before that.... same BF & I used to be part of a D&D group. :D
  8. sionnach dhu

    Vanity Items

    BZZZZZZZZT!! Sorry, you're wrong. I'm 51, and far from the only person who started playing RuneScape as an adult - I've met quite a few people in the 30-50 age range, with the eldest RuneScape player I've met being in his 70s. For that matter, I was older than 20 when I started playing Diablo (and then Diablo 2). What you young'uns fail to take into account is that some of us have been playing computer games since before personal computers were common, and/or have been playing similar games in RL (strategy games, D&D, etc) and included computer games in our interests when they came out.
  9. sionnach dhu

    Deadliest Catch

    LOVE it. AAhahahahahahaha! Going waaay off topic here, but that cartoon reminds me of when I was working at CompUSA, and a woman in furs, dripping with jewels, came to the desk to complain that when our techs installed her new (second) hard drive, they had changed the drive letter of her CD drive. I explained that Windows had done that automatically, but she refused to believe me and asked to speak to "someone who knows about installing hard drives". I took a deep breath and very politely told her that I did, indeed, know about installing secondary hard drives, and in fact had just installed one on my own computer. She looked at me and said.... "But you're a girl!" (I was 36 at the time.) I couldn't help myself... I turned around, walked into the tech shop, and very loudly said "Excuse me - could someone with a PENIS please come talk to this customer?"
  10. sionnach dhu

    Deadliest Catch

    Aside from the irritating hunting (I felt like I was playing a game of "Simon"), I rather liked the quest itself - it's just that it's incredibly short & easy, not a "master" quest. Proof of what? That I'm one of four sisters? :o
  11. sionnach dhu

    Deadliest Catch

    Not particularly, but then as a female who's played sports (e.g. seen lots and lots of other women's bodies in dressing rooms) & grew up with three sisters in a family without much of a nudity taboo, I really don't notice such things. :(
  12. sionnach dhu

    Deadliest Catch

    Since I already had the requirements (all skills over 70 except dungeoneering, with quite a few in the mid-80s), the only hard part was reining in my annoyance & boredom with tracking over water, & having to restart from the beginning if I searched more than a couple of incorrect bits of wreckage. IOW, keeping my patience with a really annoying and illogical activity long enough to finish the quest. In fact, even though I really need Hunter XP, I got fed up with the repeat hunts after the first one... I will go back and do the rest for the XP, but it's a slog that's not even remotely fun. There were some cool &/or funny bits to the quest - I especially liked the cutscene with Linza - but overall I have to say it was pretty lame for a "Master" quest.... I'd rate it "Intermediate". The lamest bit is the searching the wrecks for "treasure"... really low-level stuff for the most part, other than a few blood runes, and even those were in such low quantity I didn't think them worth taking. The "treasure" I ended up getting was 3 green dragonhides, which for someone with 79 Crafting is pretty much a joke.
  13. sionnach dhu

    Clan Camp, Support And Web Pages

    Me too... I logged on & don't have anybody to talk to. :-(
  14. sionnach dhu

    The Veterans Capes.

    I *think* I'm eligible for the 5 year cape, but TBH I can't remember exactly what year I started. I'm also eligible for the 60's cape; it would be the 70s but my Dungeoneering is only 64... actually started doing some dungeons again in hopes of managing to get to 70.
  15. sionnach dhu

    Greater Demons Just Got Better

    Nope. You pick your Slayer Master, but s/he assigns at random from a long list - the only control the player has is in refusing/resetting tasks if you get a bad one. You can "Burthorpe" it by going to the beginner master in Burthorpe and asking for a new task, or - if you've completed "Smoking Kills" & have at least 30 points accumulated - you can cancel it with 30 reward points at any master & then ask for a new task. If you're accumulating points and Burthorpe your task, your count gets reset and you have to do a number of tasks before points start accumulating again.

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