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    Traveling town to town on an adventure to 99.

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    Ibex Echo
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    Woodchopping, Fishing, and Firemaking (can't pick)
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    80 (as of 6-9-12)
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    One Union
  1. Ibex Echo

    Starting Over

    I've quit my main because everyone I knew and I met quit, and I just wanted to start fresh -there were just too many memories. Jagex won't ban you for having more than 1 account, but the accounts can't interact. But realistically they won't go to the effort of checking everyone who's accounts interact on the same IP. Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't sure. I had just heard what other people thought was true. :) 3rd times a charm!
  2. Ibex Echo


    Nice! Keep up the hard work! =)
  3. Ibex Echo

    Starting Over

    Aabid, that is ALOT of text =P. I have heard that you can get banned for having more then one account if Jagex finds out. How true that is? I'm not sure.
  4. I agree completely Kemosabe!
  5. Ibex Echo

    Starting Over

    How many of you have started over with a brand new fresh account and actually went through with leveling it and everything? -Ibex Echo
  6. I would want to live in Catherby. It's right by the water so I could fish and has my harvest near by. -Ibex Echo
  7. Ibex Echo

    The Runescape Community.

    I remember when I first started playing (2002) alot of the players where really nice. I had a few higher level (90+) actually offer me help. Alot of my friends where higher level players. Now-a-days you don't see very many, if any, higher level players offering help. I miss the old days.
  8. Ibex Echo

    Skychi = Gone

    Wow.. that sucks :| I enjoyed his rs reviews.
  9. Ibex Echo

    Favorite Animal

    My favorite animal is orangutangs! -war
  10. Ibex Echo

    Funniest Thing Happened To You In Rl?

    That had to suck! ROFL! -war
  11. Ibex Echo

    Stupid Things You've Done

    When I was younger I use to ride my bike around the block. Well one day I was riding and I decided to do like the swerve back and forth. Well one time I swerved and caught some gravel. I don't really know what happened after I hit the gravel but I ended up with a scrapped elbow, road burn on my inner thigh (dont know how that got there) and a bad scrap on my hip bone. I still have a scar on my hip. Then one time one of my friends kept telling me to jump over the fence since I didn't wanna come through the door because of the big dogs she had. Well like an idiot I listened and jumped over the vine covered fence and on my way over as I leaped I caught my left arm in the vines and fell to the ground. Her dad came runny to me and asked if I was hurt then looked and my arm and said be steal. Then he got the vines from around my arm and called my mom. Lets say I got a pretty purple cast. -war
  12. Ibex Echo


    Don't do it until your ready/with the one you love. -war
  13. Ibex Echo

    Automatic Walker

    Its a great idea. But, it would make things alittle easy. I'd rather click my way to another town. -war
  14. Ibex Echo

    Your Future...

    Erm, I'm not to sure of what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe a librarian since I like books.. or heck idk. -war

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