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    Im mostly intrusted in creating websites and helping others out. Ive taken classes on web page designe and im priety good at it too! I am currently a long-time player of runescape of 5+ years and i plan to play it untill i cannot play no more!<br /><br />I love to work on forums making my clan website a bit better and updating the runescape forums. I would love to become of jagex's team. i am quialified enough but i don't have neer the enough money to travel out of the united states.<br /><br />I also like to work on making movies. if my computer wasnt a heeping pile of junk i would probly make a bit more. (note to self: buy a mac :P).<br /><br />I currently lead a clan. And i wouldn't give them up for anything. they are my best friends a guy could ask for. yes, i know ive never met them but heck! There the best!<br /><br />If you need any help. just pm me here or ingame. they don't call me "the open handed" for nothing!<br /><br />Your friend,<br />Kimballtiger "the open handed"

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    Eating people
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  1. LocalTiger

    Stop Calling Me Fang

    Welcome back to another exciting game of WHOES THAT POKEMON!
  2. LocalTiger

    First Member Item

    mine was those cleaning things from the digsite. Cause thats where i first went when i became a member.
  3. LocalTiger

    James Bond Dead

    Don't worry, they'll most likely sell off the rights to 007 seeing as their in over their head... I'd assume selling the rights to it would bring them about 5-10billion and turn them completely around.
  4. LocalTiger

    Rate Me...

    why do you have ranged on a zerker is my question. anyhow, i'd rate it a 4/10, seeing as how your account is poor and your skills are embarrassing at best.
  5. LocalTiger

    Magic Training

    you could try soulwars which i don't recommend at all. You can also try fist of guthix for free exp. otherwise, i'd suggest you actually spend some money by teleporting or such.
  6. LocalTiger

    Zezimas Account

    EEEWWW!!! .jpg!
  7. LocalTiger

    Type The Next Word With Your Eyes Closed.

    ub3r n00b (think that's right) ---- Chinese Pineapples
  8. LocalTiger

    99 Wc Complete

    Once you hit 90's, it goes decently fast, Quick question: What were you training on? (if you say vines just walk away in shame)
  9. LocalTiger

    Cb Training And Fremmy Isles Help

    OH GAWD NO!!!!! Stay away from Soul wars! Stay away from Pest Control!!!!!! Don't go there unless you're desperate beyond your mind! Or like fast xp. But, you will be known as a pc or soul wars prod. (dont tell your friends:P) *Uses Quickchat* My levels are 99 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Defence, 90 Hitpoints Yeah, not noticeable at all... Besides, at his level, he can't even get on a decent team.
  10. LocalTiger

    Cb Training And Fremmy Isles Help

    OH GAWD NO!!!!! Stay away from Soul wars! Stay away from Pest Control!!!!!! Don't go there unless you're desperate beyond your mind!
  11. LocalTiger

    Herbal Bag

    Yeah, me and my friends have been talking about this as well, We personally think that it would be better fitting for a While Guthix Sleeps Pt 2 reward due to it's druid origin.
  12. LocalTiger

    Porn Star Promises Sex For Dutch World Cup Win

    Lol....hope they don't win
  13. LocalTiger

    Your Big Runescape Secrets

    Bleh, not as bad as other people...
  14. LocalTiger

    Most People Are Slightly Racist

    Trust and racism are two different things entirely. I don't trust anyone unless i know them. Like today, a cable-company man came into my house to fix some problems. I didn't trust him enough to let him roam my house and potentially steal my money. His race had nothing to do with it

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