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  1. Chris1791

    Bk Vs Corruption

    Good fight BK. We prepared hard for this fight knowing your a tough opponent and are more experienced in these fights (with barrows) than us, as we haven't really done any of them in this arena. Our turnout was decent considering we came fresh from DI in F2P, after cutting we set up and one person DC'ed, it wasn't the end of the world - but before we could think about anything else another did. We started the fight down 18-20, when you guys rushed I think its safe to say we had a better start, we got a KO just before yours and moved on to transitions, we pulled it back to 17-16, then 16-16 - after keeping it even from there for a while we lost it, being down at the start lost us our bigger tanks, then we just couldn't hold onto being even or winning. Good fight you definitely deserved it, had it have been 20v20 I think it would have been harder and just maybe different.
  2. Chris1791

    Round Of Champions!

    Looks good, can't wait for BK in the P2P.
  3. Chris1791

    Corruption V Ko

    Good fight Ko. Was a very good and clean fight. Much appreciated you changed the time for us, and also the mis-understanding over barrows helmets, luckily we just grabbed them ourselves to make it even. The fight was pretty much one side, but in fairness 20v15 in P2P gave us a huge lead, unfortunate for Ko we managed to grab it - I think we may have anyway but would have been much closer. Thanks a lot Ko, good fight and good luck in future rounds.
  4. Chris1791

    Corruption V Bk

    Great fight BK - I stood out to let more FA's and members attend this one, you guys did very well in the beginning maintaining a suitable stance along side us - eventually our lead grew stronger and expanded, and that ended the fight. Very impressive job from you guys, unlucky thought but Good luck in future rounds, hope to meet you again.
  5. Chris1791

    Corruption Vs The Death Monkeighs

    Very happy TDM stood up and accepted our proposal. Was an enjoyable and fun fight. Thanks a lot!
  6. Chris1791

    Cor Vs Lp/reditum

    Good fight LP, it was incredibly fun and enjoyable. I was amazed we only lost one, it would have been more but you split and changed your piles so it wasn't. I'm also surprised to see nobody DC'ed, was a great fight. :) Thanks!
  7. Chris1791

    Corruption Vs. The Titans

    Was fun, thanks TT good work CoR.
  8. Chris1791

    Corr Vs Rot (15vs15-p2p)

    Was fun, I didn't even get piled and survived the whole fight, ran outta super restores (prayer) and super energys, was funny as I was expected to be at least piled as normal. Some could say its only because they have the regs and gear to out return us. We don't choose to make P2P Official or force people to come or have the required gear to return. However we've cleared them up in BH in small groups either side a few times, guess we'll await to find that one out. :P
  9. Chris1791

    Violent Resolution Defeats Corruption

    Gratz on your win, we both got off to an even start but we clearly dominated the middle of the fight, towards the end our members slipped away, etc and we didn't finish the fight up. EDIT: 12 deaths 6 kills.
  10. Chris1791

    Cor Vs Rsd

    I believe neither clan claimed a full win. Corruption dominated the fight as anybody watching on a noob or looting would have seen.
  11. Chris1791

    Tbd Vs Tlotj - Full Out P2p

    Good job I like these kind of fights.
  12. Chris1791

    Cor Vs Rsd

    GF RSD, we got off to a bad start with a quick rush from RSD ;) we called a pile and it didn't work, but within 30seconds we got another 1 solid pile and kicked of the fight. We constantly had pile transitions and KO's, most of the time we dropped 6 people without stopping, once I believe it was 12 or 13 we recorded in a row - which was utterly amazing. The fight never stopped having a buzz or action, both clans we're constantly piling and dropping each other, and the same with tanking. I'd say we had the upper hand and better performance, we never stopped and kept hitting them, sometimes we dropped 4 or 5 of them as one of our good tanks booked it in the oppositite direction, dare say we didn't have it done to us - but I think we had the better night. Either way the best fight I've had in ages, including at BH. Thanks RSD and 8 kills 3 deaths.
  13. Chris1791

    The Corruption Clan.

    Don't really want to say anything more than what's been said here, I'd only be expanding and I'm known for typing a lot. :P ANY questions, absolutely anything feel free to contact me through a PM on these forums or even Corruption forums, also my MSN which can be found in my signature.
  14. Chris1791

    Cor Vs Tnc+sok

    Thanks I missed this, was early hours my time. GJ though CoR! :P
  15. Chris1791

    Corruption -vs- 3v0 + Vr

    Didn't notice someone posted my topic here Don't even try. We started posting on Sal's because its a stricter community where we can post our wins without being flamed to hell. If that is the case then welcome, and please try not to bring the RSC trash with you :$ Don't even try. We started posting on Sal's because its a stricter community where we can post our wins without being flamed to hell. Yeah, I think You should be welcomed. I also want to remind you most clans here have 80 averages, and have worked a while for thier ranks. Alot of the clans have been here for years, and we have a close community, and all know each other mostly. It's not fair to say you can't come to Sal's and to not treat you with respect, but it's also not fair to expect a fire hydrant to fight the pit bull. So Welcome to Sal's corr, if You stay I hope You all turnout to be good people which You seem to be, but don't make this Rsc 2, cause we like things the way they are, event if they arent perfect. We've come here in peace, to freely post our topic wins and merely talk and let people discuss over them. We're not here to ruin your community or get ranked. We respect what YOU guys have built up and are just joining in on the action. There is NO intentions to bring any RSC trash here, we haven't used RSC in ages and don't ever intend to again, we're all in the same boat here at Sal's...we hate RSC. We also have no intentions to recruit or even mass recruit your members from here, in addition those small fights can always be the best and most challenging. However I do beg that Corruption STOPS quoting posts and dragging useless stuff out on this topic. Completely ignore DF and there replies, don't reply to them, don't quote them. We're not bringing those issues here and there is no need to say a thing towards them. Let them make there posts and ignore it. Don't even call them idiots/morons.

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