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  1. Wild Goat 14

    Guild Of Elite Skillers

    Guild of Elite Skillers Est. November 2006 The Guild of Elite Skillers home forums can be found - Here. The Guild of Elite Skillers welcomes you! Index: I - Background II - Requirements to Join III - Staff and Member Positions IV - Events V - Terms and Conditions I - Background The Guild of Elite Skillers (GES) is a skilling clan/community that was originally founded by Wild Goat 14, Rctycoon Fan and Oreo9870* during November 2006. Through its lifespan, The GES has experienced several Forum and Staff changes, all for the benefit of our users. We reached over 300 members towards the beginning of 2007, in which the clan/community then decided to create a new set of improved forums We have started afresh, with new members and an active Events Team. We hold events once a week,(soon to be more) so you know you'll be getting a full clan experience with the Guild of Elite Skiller. We have reasonable requirements, of course, which are not at all hard to acquire the levels for. Some benefits of being a member are: being added to our Hiscores list, talking on our Clan Chat, and having the ability to voice your own opinions and suggestions for the clan and/or forums. There is also no specification as to which version of RuneScape you play, we accept both F2P and P2P players as long as you are a skiller and meet our requirements. *Oreo9870 is no longer in the clan. His name is here for historic value, and we feel that he still deserves credit for founding it. Please do not PM him about the clan.* So, if you are wondering where you can find a tight skilling clan/community full of friendship and enjoyment of RuneScape Skilling, then come along, visit the Guild of Elite Skillers' Forums and register yourself as an eligible member today! II - Requirements to Join F2P 750 Total Level Level 3-5 Skillers: 400 Total P2P 1200 Total Level Level 3-5 Skillers: 800 total To join the GES you must post an application(we ask that if you do not meet the requirements, that you do not apply), and then you must post an Introduction in the forum provided. This is so we have a vague idea of who you are when you join. If you have any problems with registering or applying for the Guild of Elite Skillers, please feel free to post on our guest forum, and a Staff Member will promptly help you out. III - Staff and Member Positions There are certain positions of importance and responsibility, and these positions involve our Staff. The Staff list is as follows- Administrators: - Wild Goat 14 - Matt91493 - Ryan1180 These people are the controllers of the board and are there to help you and any of your needs. They, along with our Coder, are solely responsible for updating the boards and making sure all the Behind the Scenes work is completed. Moderators: - Zantareous - Bloodaxed A Moderator is a member of the board whom has the special duty of controlling the temperament of the Forums. They assist the Administrators in minor affairs but primarily are the "crowd control" of the Board. Coder: - Rctycoon Fan The Coder's job is mainly to manage the forums interworkings and make forum updates. He also helps out the Administrators in minor affairs. Members This group makes up the majority of the clan/community, and without the members the GES could purely not survive. The Members are the very basis and the heart of the GES. Members simply have to act maturely and follow the Rules and the Terms and Conditions (both found in the forums), and of course to enjoy skilling! IV - Events The Events Team is here to bring you the community/clan fun three times a week! The events range from both P2p and F2p so neither miss out, and the quality is truly commendable. There is currently one event per week, but there will be more soon. GES Events include... Skilling Marathons XP Races Firefests [insert item here] Bombings And all other kinds of party events! V - Terms and Conditions The GES heavily advises you read the Terms before applying. Once applied it is expected that a new member has read all the rules and will apply them in their day to day posting. We strictly follow all RuneScape Rules as well as several others specified. Please view the Terms and Conditions Join up today!
  2. Wild Goat 14

    Clan Apathy - 80+ F2p Combat

    Looks fun, I may join.

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