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  1. Yeah, it's got a driver. It says it's working just fine, as well.
  2. Well, it's discovered just fine in both windows XP and Vista, and the drive *APPEARS* to be operating normally in both, until I attempt to put a CD/DVD in it, obviously. EDIT: Further info: It is an HLDS GX10N drive.
  3. Well, I haven't been around in a while, but I thought I'd drop in for a little bit of tech support. I received a Dell external USB CD/DVD-RW Drive (the one intended for the Mini laptops) for Christmas, to go with my Mini 10. When I plug it in, both with the single USB plug and the dual plug, the Drive is recognized, however, when I try to insert a DVD or CD, it will take it, then spit it back out around 3 seconds later. I have tried it with my desktop as well, and have the same issue. Google returned nothing, so any advice/help would be greatly appreciated -.-
  4. Ubel

    I Want To Dye My Hair

    Lima Bean.
  5. Ubel

    Marginal Inactivity

    So, it's pretty much all of your hobbies, but now they're mandatory?
  6. Ubel

    Proposition 8 - Gay Marriage

    Not really, freedom of speech IS aloud. All speech is aloud. Except for symbolic speech, which is more or less silent.
  7. Ubel

    Proposition 8 - Gay Marriage

    People who are against homosexuality affect me negatively, therefore they should be banned, no?
  8. Ubel

    Proposition 8 - Gay Marriage

    I don't see why it would NOT affect me? It would affect you in the same way interracial marriages already do; In other words, it won't.
  9. Ubel

    Sarah Palin

    Don't go by those, seriously. I only read the main headlines not the paragraphs following them but those are all true. She forced rape victims to pay for rape kits. She said she opposed abortion even in cases of rape and incest. She does believe in Creationism in schools. She was against sex education. She was hypocritical on the bridge to nowhere and earmark spending. (In the case of earmark spending McCain's whole war against it is quite pointless. Earmarks make up less than a percent of total government spending and often goes to good causes.) I believe in creatinonism in schools, although neither it nor evolution can be proven. Show them both sides, not just your side. And I think palin has issues, but the VP really doens't do enough for me to change my vote because of the Presidential canidates choice on a running mate. Actually, one kind of evolution HAS been proven (Micro? It's late. Memory fails me) and the other one is all but proven. And BOTH sides? There are only 4357826495872634587 other theories of how the world came to be, so if you can fit that into a lesson plan, go ahead, teach it.
  10. Ubel

    Separation Of Church And State

    Well, all things aside, wouldn't a government that affiliates with the church totally destroy freedom of religion, which IS in the constitution?
  11. Ubel

    Separation Of Church And State

    Who are you to judge who is a Christian and who isn't? They say they're Christian, so, in my eyes, they are. The same holds true for any other religion, in my opinion. But, this is all for naught, because it isn't the religion that's the problem. The problem is the people. Religion doesn't kill people. People kill people.
  12. Ubel

    Do You Grow Hair On Your Feet?

    If I focus and try really hard, yes. Otherwise, mine are as bald as a hobbit with mange and radiation poisoning. I also have freckles on my feet. Go figure.
  13. Ubel

    How Is A Brick A Home?

    Unless I'm mistaken, bricks being used only in houses, but houses not always being made of bricks would only mean that a brick is a house, but a house is not a brick. That is, according to the "Square = Rectangle, however, Rectangle != Square" train of thought.
  14. As for the earth being "Mostly Harmless"- In short, the Earth, while being very remote, and largely unheard of (by galactic standards) and holding a relatively small population, is an overall stupid planet, and could quite possibly cause some damage if that much stupidity escaped into the galaxy. Given more time, I'd probably refine that answer, but I think this is enough to give you a general idea. EDIT: Rewording: The earth was previously thought to be harmless due to it's relatively small population, and it's general isolation from the rest of the galaxy. However, Ford discovered that there is a small amount of dangerous thinking methods, that, if let into the galaxy, could cause some damage.

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