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  1. Paddypower

    Your Dungeonearing Stories!

    I love it with friends but that's about it. It's no fun soloing because you have no one to talk to. It is more of a minigame but whatever. My story is... Well I blew myself up a few times while my friend rofled in the background. Then there was that maze filled with toxic gas, where I forgot I had food and got pwned when I found the right way. It's interesting, just has a crap name. I can't abbreviate it to Dun! I'm too good for that!
  2. Ownage! Quest more! Quests are epic!
  3. Paddypower

    Nomad Defeated + Qp Cape

    My Gawsh! I can technically do that! It sounds kinda complex though. Oh well, gratz anyway! Perhaps I shall take a stab at Om Nom Nomad soon. Ish.
  4. Paddypower

    New Skill

    It will probably be something ridonculous. Something to keep the 10 year olds happy. Not that I have anything against 10 year olds. Anyways, some suggestions of mine would be... Umm... Music, or Barding perhaps. Sounds plausible. Questing (I can always hope) Ninja-ing :) ;) ;) Because everyone likes ninjas. Camel :) kahmelz Flashmobbing -- To train, you must start an event, and make everyone in the G.E dance at the very same time. Everyone participating gains experience. In the emote, a million people run around you and jig, then run off. Rapping -- Because JaGeX just hate me. Here are some I'd like (Therefore they won't be put in) Sailing :) Kingdom managing -- Not Miscellania. Miscellania sucks, they won't let you fight anyone but dagger-mouths. Questing Tag -- You run around after designated "Tagees", every time you tag a normal one you get 10 exp. Eventually you can work your way up to tagging rabbits, elves, Mahjarrat, demi-gods, and in a minigame where you are transformed into a dog, you must tag your tail.
  5. 1. What is your favorite part about this game? The banter we share with other random people across the globe, while preforming a seemingly endless amount of different, fun tasks. 2. What’s your favorite thing to do in this game? Quests, but since the only 2 I have left, I don't hhave the reqs for, Castle Wars as well. 3. What keeps you interested to play the game? Waiting in anticipation for new quests, so I can hear the new storylines of quests, and the fact that miningames are so much fun =] 4. Why would you play this game from any other game? Well, it's cheap, has lovable graphics, a wide array of things to do and a (Usually) good community. 5. How do you feel about the items in this game? I like them, 'cause there's something for every level, different types for different preferances. 6. How do you feel about the monster/creatures in this game? I like them, once again 'cause there's one for every type of player. And big ones like the Corporeal Beast that take massive team effort to take down.
  6. Paddypower

    Things We Hate.

    People who stereotype young people. I was only 11 or so when I started, but I was still a bunch more mature than some other people. Of course some young people are idiots.
  7. Paddypower

    ~~ Mith's 99 Construction Party ~~

    10 PM tonight for me. I might come yeah. I just hope that I can cut those teaks hard enough to get 72 woodcutting before it. Hope I can come!
  8. Paddypower

    Most Memorable Quest?

    The Chosen Commander. It was just so... Ya know. The old thing of fighting Zanik and her being evil was kinda depressing but cool. Zanik is probably the only NPC who really develops a lot over her series in my opinion. That is, in the quests I've done. Underground pass. Did this with a friend at his house. Needless to to say, we had a lot of laughs. It was also kind of creepy as we were in his study, which used to be the garage, so it wasn't attached to the house. And we were dark and alone and stuff. And Iban was talking to us. And I'm pretty sure I saw something weird move outside!
  9. Paddypower

    What's On Your Game Wishlist?

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl is all. I would have it already but apparently Ireland enjoys releasing games very late .
  10. Paddypower


    Mind putting my industry up now? superpie61.myminicity.com/ind Also, my friend wants me to post his minicity death-parkway.myminicity.com
  11. Paddypower

    Ever Suddenly Forget Something?

    That happened today. Me and my friend were making up a random parody and I put in a line. I tried to sing the verse (2 lines) and I forgot the line I put in about 10 seconds ago. But then I remembered it after a bit.
  12. Paddypower

    Party Pete's People!

    This sounds fun! And I always want a bit more fun out of RuneScape. I'll join then.
  13. Paddypower

    I Dunno Like All My Gwd Drops

    Ooooh nice drops. Too bad I'm far too puny and poor to beat those and buy food and potions and stuff. I'd better start training if I want that kind of stuff. Which I do .
  14. Paddypower

    Tribal Wars

    I'm on world 14, K52 and I have 1197 points. I like this game .
  15. Paddypower


    I have one of these. I only started a day or two ago so it's very small. http://superpie61.myminicity.com/

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