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  1. n1k

    Timberlake the God set to return

    Did you listen to the song? The tempo changes and the lyrics. It isn't your usual Timberlake song that you want to put on repeat. Maybe that's just me. I don't see him reclaiming any thrones with it though.
  2. n1k


    Also, if you could answer how to edit a blog? Because I can't seem to change my title or get into "Manage Blogs" properly. It just keeps taking me back to the main blog page.
  3. n1k

    What's that, Hagrid? I'm a what?

    Welcome to Hogwarts <3 Those are very impressive achievements. Congratulations!
  4. n1k

    Tell us about your day

    I woke up this morning, watched Beyonce's concert (aka the Super Bowl halftime show) and then went to work. I am now home. Just got my account back and I will fish lobsters til the sun comes up and figure out how to play the "New RuneScape".
  5. Just got my account back. 0gp. This shall be fun. What's the best way to make money f2p?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. n1k


      It's nice to see familiar names. The game has changed so much, yet so little.

    3. thepope1322


      kill goblins dude they drop like 3 gp

    4. Guitarguy


      Go to G.E. and dance for money.

  6. Coming back to RuneScape this information has really helped me.
  7. n1k

    Pics Of Yourself!

    My crew <3 (That's me with the black hat back row) Watch us perform from earlier this year at a Chinese New Year festival. (Was ok) AND THEN. FAN US on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-C...70705533?ref=ts
  8. n1k

    Official Wow Thread

    Had my priest at 50 for a long time. Thought I should get some levels in it. Went to AV and BAM! Half a level in a game. 5 days later I'm at 58 now skipped a whole bunch of boring questing and running around ! Side note: My whole time levelling my shaman never went to AV so this was a shock when we summoned him. PPS. The UI is screwed. It's my alt & a healer all I do is press like 2 buttons. PPPS. I'm totally jealous of everyone getting to LK! I'm dancing too much to have time to. But got putri down in 25 last week. Working on stupid people who don't know how to make triangles at BQL at the moment *SIGH* WP IS SEXY <3
  9. n1k

    Official Wow Thread

    You are quite insane. But good. -.-
  10. n1k

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Videos still count as pictures right? -.-
  11. n1k

    Official Wow Thread

    Ugh. After a 3 month hiatus from WoW I hear about 3.3 and get excited come back and quickly try to gear myself up. Thankfully Normal modes of ToC are easy -.- I haven't even needed to go with my guild and stuff (they're singaporean, i have work early and they raid too late & aussie guilds are so tight ass) But I am kinda needin them trophies right now. Boo. And to get rid of my Naxx stuff. But I'm just too busy dancing. Sigh. P.S I Love WP. P.P.S I totally hate all the mowhawkin people are doing to me. Edit: wowies. look at that fps o_O weird.
  12. n1k


    LOL :D hi!
  13. n1k

    Official Wow Thread

    The alliance armor looks bad imo, horde gets all the badass looking armor Human warrior looks stupid and the shoulders are oversized. I'm happy to be an Alliance Shaman. Rainbows beat that rusty armor.
  14. n1k

    Official Wow Thread


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