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  1. I remember the first episode of this
  2. Kaknos

    Sal's 2008 Thread

    This forum is more dead than I remember...
  3. Kaknos

    Sal's 2008 Thread

    I died. How have you guys been? :o Wonderful. Your avatar looks very familiar. I could say the same about your username, sir.
  4. Kaknos

    Sal's 2008 Thread

    I died. How have you guys been?
  5. Kaknos

    Sal's 2008 Thread

    Wait, how the hell did I get here
  6. Kaknos

    Sal's 2008 Thread

    Greetings, people of the future.
  7. Holy God how is this thread still alive.
  8. Kaknos

    My Ship Has Set Sail.

    Yes, come join us lifers. >:}
  9. Kaknos

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  10. Kaknos

    Extra Bank Space for F2P and Members

    How D: Did you drop all of your random event items?
  11. Kaknos

    Players’ Gallery

    Good job Zellychan! Your art is so pro... I think you've inspired me to submit my own artwork to a player's gallery
  12. Kaknos

    Community Game: The Triumvirate

    Dang, Jagex really likes their Order - Neutral - Chaos symbolism. Oh, and I vote Judges.
  13. Kaknos

    Clanmember Name Changes

    I agree, things would be much less confusing if this were implemented. And it wouldn't be too hard to do would it?
  14. Kaknos

    Clanmember Name Changes

    For PMs, the name change icon appears in your friend's list submenu. Thanks for your support, but what I'm suggesting is to include the icon in the clan chat submenu as well.
  15. Kaknos

    Dungeoneering Skill!

    D'oh! Did anybody guess Dungeoneering? Very unexpected. Should be fun though I just got members back. Group dungeons? HELLZ YEAH

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