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  1. best clan i have been in =]
  2. had 2 k0s, but they didnt anti snipe well so most of there food was gone.
  3. yea they had to drop about 3 people, was an amazing performance by vitality <3 i had fun sniping =p ended up with about 5-6 kills =] lol
  4. lee 2k5

    Last Hope Vs Vitality

    Actually it was you who was mass sniping it was just our anti snipe is to good for you so it felt like we massed sniped but good try, Good fight overall. gf lh was fun, but to say we mass sniped is crazy O.o we had 2 snipers at any one time, when i was gettign piled there was about 3 times were i was left alone... gratz non the less look forward to the next time
  5. 1 kill 0 deaths thanks everyone, was a fun fight =] made it out with 5 pizzas left lol =p gf kts hope we can do this again some time <3
  6. lee 2k5

    .::the Exiled::. 100+ Pvp/cwa's Team

    good team =] great community, good luck =D oh and 1st post <3 gf
  7. Ok, lets get started =p I came back and saw we had a war with relentless, the rules were: melee/binds/range, center bounds, no inf run pools, who is north defendes. We got a few k0's and some close k0's, we kept our binds strong and rangers helped us alot. Abhesive lagged out about 10 mins in, but we got some free exp on him =p <3 INS start: RELENTLESS start: *note* this is not there full opts, we forgot and it was a last second pic =p (also, if anyone from relentless could post 1, it will be cool) WAR PICS: just want to say well done to all insomnia who attended, we had a few people who havnt warred with us befor, but we kept it organised and came though.
  8. was a realy fun fight =] gf rd gj ins lets keep it going
  9. lee 2k5

    Your Sals List!

    1. FT 2.mod/tri - war pl0x? =] 3.^ 4.ronin 5.exer 6.3x 7.VVV 8.Sed 9.insomnia 10.hades only my opinion <3
  10. gf se =D was pritty annoying having to work around you guys with the random snipes, but we got in a few k0's and we got the edge with having a stong main pile <3 gj ins
  11. lee 2k5

    Mod Vs The

    +1 very nice numbers, unlucky on the loss though, good to see you guys not scared to post a loss.
  12. lee 2k5

    Ins Vs. The Viet Clan

    was a good fight, shame i got piled 1st though ='[ .. managed to tank the 1st two kills though, not too bad i must say =p gj guys =D and gf tvc
  13. lee 2k5

    Ubh Defeats Phoenix Elites

    nice numbers for both clans =D gratz on the win ubh
  14. lee 2k5

    Full Out Declarations

    We still aint had a meeting about it yet, going to get onto you A.S.A.P
  15. Gratz insomnia <3 =] looked like a good fight

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