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  1. i return to a true darkness. this is the end of days.
  2. yep. literally it. im 22 now. i feel like im 37. i'll probably come back once a year just to update my blog title since it'll bug me not to. but yeah. doing my masters now at kings college. ive actually grown up a lot. i used to be very anti relationship and made it clear to any sexual partners what situation was. now i've opened up. how about that. living at home now. absolutely hate it. gonna have to struggle through this for 2-3 years before i can afford to move out. hope you lot are doing good. aiming to turn amateur in mma and muay thai in 2019. see you all in a year. happy holidays
  3. it's been a good run. shoutout to sal for making this place. if you want to add me on sc (ariqrahman4), feel free or on steam (skengman) or on psn (lalas96). hope you guys find some happiness in life or w/e. peace and love and all that
  4. Conspicuous

    The break up

    onwards and upwards
  5. that is the real question how many dimensions can you see who is the real power is it me is it you ARE WE ALL GODS? thank you
  6. hello

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    2. Conspicuous
    3. Egghebrecht


      Hitler for american of the year!

    4. Conspicuous


      a certain portion of people in the US may think that you're reich

  7. yeah they're a bit difficult to wear in terms of colour and they cost £170. i regret not getting the all black nike lab version
  8. my inner hypebeast came out FLEXING (i'm probably gonna return them and get ultraboosts or y3s but yea)
  9. i am now female dogs!!! and yeah i talk to zooey pretty regularly on steam. i am also sort of active on steam and snapchat
  10. hello friend am i not included in salscraft anymore???
  11. DAMN is one hell of an album, XXX, YAH, PRIDE and HUMBLE have been my personal favs, but the entire album is ridiculously good

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    2. Fabio
    3. Conspicuous


      i should add, i love all the songs, but those particular songs have really struck out to me (but yes DNA and ELEMENT are bangers)

    4. Lonelywolf
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