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  1. Metaldoom

    The Jagex Acronym

    THE JAGEX ACRONYM The History Originally, around 1999, Jagex stood for: "Java Audio+Graphics Extension". After that, up until very recently, Jagex stood for: "Java Gaming Experts". Now, whilst browsing the Official Jagex Website, I've noticed that Jagex now stands for: "Just About the Gaming Experience". This is very interesting, as why would Jagex suddenly change what their name stands for? Perhaps this is a sign telling us that Jagex plans to release non-Java-based games in the future? What do you think?
  2. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    Lol. Hmm, that will be interesting. I'll have to have a chat to Benno about that. But it would be interesting seeing another player into this. Maybe we could see a whole army of players in on this bet? But then there's the risk of those players that don't complete their punishment, if they lose. So we'd have to keep it small. Or just Benno and I. Hmmmmmmm.... Hello. Benno and I had a chat about this, and we decided that no-one else would be allowed to join our bet, the main reason being, it's the bet that he and I started after some arguments (well not really arguments) on Sal's Clan Chat, so it has been OUR bet and we'd like to keep it that way. I'm really sorry, it was an interesting idea, but we've decided against it. You could start you own bet with somone else, and make up your own rules etc. which would be cool! I'd support the one for Seafaring of course! Good luck matey, I'm really sorry about that again!
  3. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    With quite good reason to do so, with "evidence". I remember people going crazy, left, right, and centre about the "rumour" that Summoning was going to be released as an add-on to Magic or a new skill in itself (before Jagex announced anything). The exact same thing is happening with Seafaring here, except it hasn't been released, (YET).
  4. Metaldoom

    Forgotten. Book 1 Of The Blake Rain Chronicles.

    Ya know, I read the paragraph in your sig, but I have to go now. So I will read the rest later. But so far, it sounds great! You have a talent for writing! >.<
  5. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    May I ask for the QFC where Mod Dave said explicitly that "Seafaring/Sailing will NOT come out!" (or something along the lines of that)? Jagex says a lot of things, including pirate references. I'll post more details for the evidence FOR Seafaring and the evidence AGAINST Seafaring within the next few days, including possible uses for the skill. Ahh. Haha. Yes I've seen that. That doesn't prove that there will be no Sailing skill. There could be a Seafaring skill. There could be a Pirate skill (like he mentioned). He aslo may have meant that there was no Sailing skill on the Hiscores (which is probably the case). That message doesn't say that there will be no Sailing-related skill in development or ever. In fact, it could be taken either side of wether it will come out or not. So, unfortunately, that cannot be used as proof for OR against Sailing/Seafaring/Piracy etc. Lol. Hmm, that will be interesting. I'll have to have a chat to Benno about that. But it would be interesting seeing another player into this. Maybe we could see a whole army of players in on this bet? But then there's the risk of those players that don't complete their punishment, if they lose. So we'd have to keep it small. Or just Benno and I. Hmmmmmmm....
  6. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    Lol. end of january 2010. we are in 2009 now.. Hey there Eberk, mate! I forgot you were a member of Sal's! You didn't post who you thought will win. *cough* Metaldoom *cough*. What was that Eberk? Me? Aww, geez, thanks! :D There are more skills in RuneScape than combat. Plus, Seafaring will be able to help fishers catch different kinds of fish. Seafaring could allow for fighters to venture off on their boat to places with crazy monster which NO OTHER (SANE) SAILER will take you. Yeah, I just thought of that just then. :P No way buddy! Have you seen the suggestions about Seafaring on the official RS forums? There's so many cool ideas in them, Seafaring will be FAR from boring! If that happens, both of us lose, and both of us win. I win because Sailing isn't a new skill, but Metal wins because Sailing did come out. Then we'll just call off the bet, probably. Or we can run the laps together Together within my level range preferably, I need some quick cash. :P. Combat level, pls? :P I'm at 89 combat, and I don't want 90, plus atm I'm finding combat rather boring. If you are what I think you are (115-120), it should be great for me if I lose. Which I won't. :) Lol. I hope that no-one will come and kill you Benno. Well I do, kinda lol. :D But, I may as well state my combat level. In f2p it's 87, (89 with Summoning but that's irrelevant as the event will take place in a f2p world). Thank-you! Exactly what I'm saying. Seafaring could help Fishing. I only said that because of Spleen Cake's post. Oh -- I have no doubt that "seafaring" would prove to be a somewhat useful skill. It would give those people with a higher fishing skill the opportunity to catch mantas and turtles without having to endure the fishing trawler. It would also open the possibility of expanding the boundaries of Gelinor -- perhaps even in connection with the "Eastern Lands" mentioned hither and thither? Nope - Mod Dave's already informed everyone on the Official Forums that "Sailing" is a Red Herring. Get over it. May I ask for the QFC where Mod Dave said explicitly that "Seafaring/Sailing will NOT come out!" (or something along the lines of that)? Jagex says a lot of things, including pirate references. I'll post more details for the evidence FOR Seafaring and the evidence AGAINST Seafaring within the next few days, including possible uses for the skill. Lol, although that will be helpful, this will take place in a f2p world. Jagex still have a year before this bet ends, and they don't usually announce updates months and months in advance. I will not be convinced that Seafaring will not come out until this bet is officially over (January 31, 2010 (midnight GMT). Hehehe. Let's wait and see, shall we? Aww come on fini. My man!!! Yes, that's why Jagex has been working on it, say, the past year or two?
  7. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    Yes I know lol But if this topic dies out then when Seafaring IS released (or when 31 Jan 2010 comes closer) then I will make another topic exactly the same as this one (with a link to this one for references). >.< And I'm going to be training my defence, ya never know what could happen. Plus high def comes in handy with a lot of things! And lol to Cxkslei!
  8. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    Lol. Thanks for replies people! AndMaster Chief, don't be embarrassed! I actually didn't write 2010 on the first time that this thread was created, meaning lots of people thought it was by the end of this month! I quickly chanegd that, which evened the stakes a bit for me lol. But still, don't be embarrassed! >.<
  9. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    Trust me, it's not worth the hassle especially with java coding, you have any idea how annoying it is just to make basic 3 dimensions in java? That's another reason my money is on El Benno and I'm working at the dart table for throwing the remaining coins at Metal when he loses. There, I disagree with you. Jagex have done, practically the impossible, with Java coding for web browsers. I have yet to see a game, created in Java, that is web-browser-based, that is better than RuneScape. And I also suppose software for that matter. So I think Jagex can do whatever the hell they like with Java! (well with some exceptions, but I think they could pull of Seafaring). And thanks for the change of opinion, Uther! I think, just by adding 2010 to the date, has gained me some supporters! I thought how crappy that would be if it came out Feb 1. I try not to think about it actually. Yep!!! Exactly! Plus, there's hundreds of clues, which have been discovered by players on the Official RS Forums, so yeah. I'm pretty sure it's coming! Actually 100% sure, or else I wouldn't be making this high-staked bet! I don't know, I wonder if Metal would mind me killing him? But nah, I'll probably just follow him around and laugh at him everytime he gets killed. :D Nahh, I won't kill Benno. That would be quite mean and against the rules (lol gunna update them now!). But I will laugh at him a lot, although not too much so that he recieves lots of attention to get killed more (I don't want him to be overly-insanely killed multiple times. Just overly killed would be fine.)
  10. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    I should be working on my Laughing skill. Because when I get 99, I won't be able to stop laughing at Benno all day!
  11. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    Lol. It amazes me how many posts were made in regard to me losing, when I accidentally don't write 2010. Well I suppose that makes sense, or else the bet would be on for another few weeks, which I would surely lose, as Seafaring is definately not coming out this month. So we've still got one year to go! Nuff said, he owns Zezima man! I would protect them, but my range is level 92-124 Last time I checked they were low levels? -Ming >.< Lol. And to iJaco, thanks for pointing out that loop-hole! I will surely fix that, although the event will take place in f2p pvp worlds, a Bandos plate can't be used. Thanks anyways! Thanks for all the feedback everyone! And the support (or lack of it for me...although thanks to the people supporting me!). And no, you don't have to run laps with the loser lol. Thanks to Emanick for the definition of Bask. And that was supposed to be what the winner does (lol I wrote loser instead). Oh, and a question: If my agility is good, can I use that in f2p? Or won't it work (meaning making my energy go up faster)? And yes, the stakes are high because I want to laugh at El Benno11 while he tires himself and gets repeatedly killed! Mwahahahahaha!!! *cough* Anywho, we will keep the time and date secret lol, as El Benno11 has already stated. If I win, then the punishment will be much earlier than January 31, 2010 (as it will most likely come out before the day the bet ends). But if I lose, then the punishment will be after that date. So, be prepared Benno for a 2009 money-drain!
  12. Metaldoom

    The Bet: El Benno11 Vs Metaldoom

    Lol, Benno, I thought "where is he!? Why hasn't he replied." Then I realised that El Benno11 was undercover by the name of Kemosabe (hey I thought it was Kemsobabe for a few seconds). And lol, the funny thing is, I will win!!! Mwahahaha!!! Can't wait to see you die at Falador several times! And thanks Jacky for the reply - Seafaring will come out!
  13. The Bet: El Benno11 vs Metaldoom Will Seafaring actually come out? **CLARIFICATION: THIS IS BY JANUARY 31, 2010!!!** **NOTICE: THE PUNISHMENT HAS CHANGED FROM THE LOSER WEARING 500K WORTH OF ITEMS TO 300K. THIS ALSO AFFECTS THE 90K AMOUNT ON EACH EQUIPMENT ITEM - THIS HAS CHANGED TO 60K.** Introduction Hello there. This is the *OFFICIAL* topic for the bet made by El Benno11 and Metaldoom. The Bet The bet is whether Seafaring/Sailing/Piracy/or any sea/boat related skill will come out by January 31, midnight (GMT), 2010. El Benno11 thinks that this skill will NOT come out. Metaldoom thinks that this skill WILL come out (which is true - it's coming people!). The Stake/Rules These are what the loser/winner have to do. The loser has to: Run 20 laps of Falador in a busy/crowded PvP world (free-players). The loser must be wearing at least 300,000 worth of full armour with no weapon weilded. They must not have any food, and must not use any prayer (except Protect Item). They are not allowed to fight back against anything that attacks them (so auto-retaliate off). If they die, then they must wear another 300,000gp worth of full armour and carry on from the STARTING POINT. It doesn't matter where they died, if they were halfway throughout a lap and they died there, then that lap isn't counted. Each accepted equipment-holder (as mentioned below in Definition of "full armour") must be worth at least 60,000gp. This is to prevent loop-holes so that the runner doesn't wear, say full bronze, except for a high-priced shield, in which they would be able to keep thanks to the Item Protect prayer. (Thanks iJaCo!) If they die, then another lap is added to their laps remaining. They are not allowed to enter any banks (except for the Falador West Bank which is the Start/Finish point). Definition of "full armour": Full armour, in this context, means a helmet, body, legs, shield. No weapon, necklace, gloves, boots, ring, arrows, or cape are allowed to be worn. (Please note: these refer to the slots they are in. So the necklace also refers to a amulet etc.) However, an exception to this rule is that an explorer's ring from the Lumbridge/Draynor achievement diary) is allowed to be used. This is the only aid used for running restoration that is allowed, and the only ring that is allowed. The following is a picture of the map the loser must run 20 times: The Falador West Bank is the Star/Finish point. The white line is the starting direction, whereas the grey line is the returning direction. The winner has to: Bask in glory at the loser's defeat! They're not allowed to kill the loser, or encourage others to kill the loser, or tell anyone about what date/time the loser has to do the punishment. They are allowed to run around with the loser, laughing at them, in PRIVATE CHAT ONLY! They also must run around them at fair distance, not close up. (What does bask even mean?) Ahh, thanks to Emanick, it means to, Bask means to bathe, literally. Figuratively, in this sense, it means to enjoy the radiance of the appropriate fact in question - namely, the glory of losing." Thank-you! What You Can Do You can show support for either of us, and discuss if you think the Seafaring (or related) skill will come. No flaming please! Enjoy!
  14. Metaldoom

    Should The Above User Change His Avatar?

    Lmao, keep it! The Wise Old Man rules!
  15. Metaldoom

    Man Selling Life On Ebay!

    Lol. Good to hear all your thoughts! Also, how much would you pay for all his stuff? His house does look nice, and all his other stuff (except his car which is kinda old...but oh well).

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