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  1. 94 days, not too much I'd say :)
  2. I suspected that since day one. Minus the EP thing. To add to the theories, I also think that you're more likely to get rare members items if you are F2p. I noticed that the loot is worse when you squeal fast after you can squeal (for me after 1.00 hours at night). Never had any good loot then. Also, at GWD, a received 4 pendants in 2 days.
  3. iGoone

    Fighter Torso

    Really? I thought it made you hit harder. Has that changed since the EoC then?
  4. iGoone

    Fishing estimates?

    Bleh, fishing's ruined -.-
  5. iGoone

    Fishing estimates?

    How much money are rocktails/hour? It might be worth it to fish them from 97-99 or not?
  6. Is it just me or are the clothes that give you 1% extra xp in a skill when wearing not that rare? I already have 4 of them lol
  7. iGoone

    New skill?!

    Aight. So at least one of the two skills will make good money when high.
  8. iGoone

    Fishing estimates?

    Just fish trout/salmon untill you reach 90+.
  9. iGoone


    So I get prestige now. But how about the size of the floors? I mean you get more experience doing medium floors but doing a small floor takes 3x less of time...so I don't really know which of those is the best option?
  10. iGoone

    Leveling up magic

    Note that I said used. Don't blame me if you don't make that much profit :P But you could switch between both of these methods, perhaps?
  11. iGoone

    Sal's Weekly 10m Giveaway

    1. Wartoc 2. Dei Wei 3. Micael fatia 4. Angel Hayley 5. Jna 6. Zooey 7. Lord Lookov 8. Amber Pyrilmas 9. Leo Crimson 10. O hai im KAMIL 11. Aabid 12. rubyyyy 13. Dr Skull 14.Tigerwing 15.thenewguy1 16. Smilefishy 17. Singapore218 18. Keegan 19. Faded Map 20. LONELY 21. Kemosabe 22. iGoone
  12. iGoone

    Leveling up magic

    I know I used to make around 80K+ xp/hour at fungal magis + like 400K+ profit per hour. But since you wanna do the expensive way :-)
  13. iGoone

    Membership problem

    Delete please.
  14. iGoone


    But doing the other floors again will cost you a huge amount of time won't it?
  15. iGoone


    No, it's not correct. When you can access the next floor, do it, along with every other floor you can do. Once you have done every floor you can do, then reset. Make sure you complete all floors and not just the one you unlocked. If you do the latter and then reset, you will be back to 1 Prestige. Here is a link to Prestige if you can't quite understand how I have worded it. So right now I did all floors up until 29 so I reset? And once I did all of them up until 30 I reset again?

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