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  1. Bradley

    How Well Do You Know Your World?

    I got 162,728 points and an IQ of 90. Not bad, in my opinion. EDIT: On my second try, I got 269,175 points and an IQ of 100. A significant improvement.
  2. Bradley

    Games You Want Sequels To

    Kingdom Hearts 3, GTA 5, a new CoD game that's back in WW2, a new Mega Man X game, and Duke Nukem. I FREAKING WANT DUKE NUKEM FOREVER DAMMIT
  3. Bradley

    Stellar Dawn

    I don't think you need to be a member to sign up. I signed up, and I'm F2P.
  4. Bradley

    Hi There! I'm New.

    'sup. Don't feed the trolls. No one word posts. Dani's a wookie. Purple hats are awesome. Armed with those facts, your Sal's experience will be infinitely better.
  5. Bradley

    First Member Item

    A Dragon Dagger. Minutes later, I got it poisoned and it became a Dragon Dagger (p++). Lots of fun killing noobs in Soul Wars with that...
  6. Bradley

    Name Changes

    Cheesefee -> Smiley -> Bradley My real name ftw.
  7. Bradley

    Have You Snorted Sherbert/rainbow Dust?

    Wat. I don't think I've ever heard of "rainbow dust" in my "drug-prevention" classes before.
  8. I feel sorry for Justin Bieber. Everyone picks on her.
  9. Bradley

    Oldest Game You Have.

    I have Pokemon Red for Game Boy. If you count the Wii VC, then it's Mega Man 1.
  10. Bradley

    Fudge My Life

    According to his driver's license, SpongeBob SquarePants lives at 123 Conch Drive. He was born in 1986. He is a male. He is 2 inches tall. Thank you for calling the Oceanic Driver's Association.
  11. Bradley

    Most Recent Album/game

    Music: Cross Road by Bon Jovi Game: Super Mario Galaxy 2
  12. Bradley

    I Hate Excercising!

    Well, my day was a bundle of joy today! And in case you missed that obvious bit of sarcasm, my day sucked. My mom wants me to learn the Korean language. Apparently, she thinks the best way to do this is to write each word I find in the dictionary five times and repeat each definition to memorize them. Wee. Oh, and later, my baseball game got rained out. What does my dad do to compensate? He makes me run a mile, do twenty-five sit ups, fifteen push-ups, do five forty-yard sprints, ten bear-crawls, and ten bear-crawls on my back. I hate exercising. Plus, I don't even know if I spelled "exercising" correctly. Irl sucks. I just want to be on Sal's and RuneScape where people understand me. But nope.
  13. Bradley


    Before the update on 9 September 2009 which allowed players to chisel Granite pieces into Granite (500g), Granite (2kg) and Granite (5kg) were worth very little compared to Granite (500g), since only Granite (500g) could be used in making Granite lobster pouches. Because the 5kg and 2kg pieces could now be cut into 10 and 4 of the 500g pieces, respectively, Jagex fixed their prices at 10 and 4 times the price of the 500g pieces, which on the day of the update, was 1058 coins. This led to the 5kg piece of granite undergoing the biggest price spike of all time, rising from 6 coins to 10,580 coins each, a price increase of 176,333%, in just one day. Similarly, the 2kg piece rose from 10 coins to 4,232 coins, a price increase of 42,320%.
  14. Bradley

    Least Favorite

    I don't like mining, woodcutting, dungeoneering, or having to deal with members complaining about how the Rock Climbing Boots update was the worst update ever.

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