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  1. Bradley


    Everybody says "Did you do good on _____?" when it should be "Did you do well on _____?" Good is bad.
  2. Bradley

    Twilight Princess Disc Problem

    Recently, I bought a new copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I bought the new copy because my old one stopped working. Just today, however, the new copy also stopped working. I found scratches on the back of the disc, identical to the ones on the old disc. Can I report this problem to Nintendo and get it fixed?
  3. Bradley

    Kemosabe....please No

    Wait, is this thread serious? If it is, don't do it. There's so much in life you haven't done. If it isn't, WHY THE F*** DID YOU GET ME WORRIED
  4. Bradley

    Google Earth Finds.

    I found Atlantis next to the Cape Verde islands... but I only have Google Earth on my school computers and they don't allow me to visit Sal's. Stupid school district.
  5. Bradley

    Twilight Princess Disc Problem

    I tried all of my other games; they're working fine.
  6. Bradley

    Sal's Nintendo Thread

    Zelda Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, and Arc Rise Fantasia are all on my list of games I need to have a healthy gaming diet. I'm not sure if I should get Lost in Shadow, and I've also had my eye on Fragile Dreams... Plus, if Red Steel 2 gets rated T, I'm getting it. EDIT: MEGA MAN 10
  7. Bradley

    The Zelda Topic

    I just noticed that Saria's Song plays at Noon in Animal Crossing: City Folk. That's awesome. Animal Crossing: City Folk Music - 12 PM
  8. Ok, when I try to watch videos on YouTube, it says that I either have Javascript off or have an older version of Flash. My Javascript is on and Flash is up to date. Ideas on why it's doing this? PS It's been doing it since yesterday.
  9. Bradley


    I hate it when people squeak their fingers on their desks at school. I swear, they do it just to piss me off...
  10. Bradley

    Oh My God.

    This is almost as bad as the Fred movie.
  11. Bradley

    Cake Or Pie

    Pie. I lost my love for cake after Princess Peach told Mario that she made a cake for him. Then never gave it to him -.-
  12. Bradley

    The Zelda Topic

    Or maybe Link and his descendants got too tired of pulling it out of the Pedestal. -.- You JUST finished Wind Waker? My theory is that the American government used their nukes on the Temple of Time, so the Master Sword explodes into a million pieces. Link must find one shard of the Master Sword per temple, so there are an unprecidented million dungeons in the game. Then, Link has to buy glue for 1001 rupees (using the Wallet system from TP) and glue each piece back together one-by-one. That also explains why the Temple of Time in TP in all ruined and stuff. :)
  13. Bradley

    Taking The Sat Tomorrow

    Anybody have any last minute advice? And is there anyway to treat this fricking head cold that has bothered me all day?
  14. Bradley

    Taking The Sat Tomorrow

    Was it Duke? It was Northwestern.
  15. Bradley

    The Zelda Topic

    I hope Zelda Wii will continue the Hero of Time saga. Majora's Mask will always be my favorite Zelda -.-
  16. Bradley

    Nfl Playoff Predictions

    I say that the Colts are gonna kill the Jets, and the Vikings will beat the Saints 21-17. The Colts will come back and beat the Vikings in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. Hey, I used to live in Indy, so I'm biased -.-
  17. Bradley

    Taking The Sat Tomorrow

    Ok, test over -.- God, now I have a massive headache >_< And yes, I am one of those special teens who get to the SAT way before you're supposed to.
  18. Bradley

    Oh My!

    I reward Pixel for learning how to read at such an early age.
  19. Bradley

    Fight Of The Memes

    Newfags can't barrel roll.
  20. Bradley

    Zelda Wii: October 2010

    The hotly anticipated Zelda Wii has been announced in the most recent issue of Official Nintendo Magazine. Eiji Aonuma said, "The newest Zelda game will be released within 365 days." Plus, a couple days later, Aonuma said that Zelda Wii would be released in October! MEGA WOOT Here's a YouTube video with all the news.
  21. Bradley

    Fight Of The Memes

    Seriously? You said no to Weegee? You are a disgrace. Prepare to be Weegee-fied.
  22. It looks like we have to close Notre Dame University because they pray before each football game.
  23. Bradley

    Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

    We got ten inches a couple days ago. My crappy school district was the only one open in the entire region. And we didn't even get a delay. There were six buses late, and one crashed. Then the same thing happened on the way home. And yet we still had school the next day.
  24. Enter the Shadow Temple without a fairy.
  25. "Shizzle" "Fudge" "Dang" "Ash" "Sh*take Mushrooms" "Beach" "Crap" "What the h-e-double hockey sticks" "Chiz"

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