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  1. Bradley

    Fight Of The Memes

    A Winner Is You. Epic Win. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU- It's Goofy Time! No Dad, no!!!!! WEEGEE Old news is old. Yarly. Where are these?
  2. Bradley

    Finally Pmod :)

    Has anyone noticed that the steel character is wielding the new version of the steel longsword, even though the OP claims this was shot in early 08? Fail right there, mate.
  3. Bradley

    How Did This All Happen?

    I believe that God created the Big Bang, which created the Universe. A few billion years later, the events of the Bible take place.
  4. Bradley

    The Bitter Truth!

    I can't believe it. I never knew Wilt could be so evil...
  5. Bradley

    We Shall Rise Up!

    People's accounts get banned for no reason every day. How is Luke different? Is it because he's huggably cute? Or his awesome chubbiness? Or his glasses? Only moot will know.
  6. Bradley

    The Zelda Topic

    Old news is old. Read previous page. Please look up the word 'news' you're terrible meme is terrible. GRAMMAR ERRORS YAY
  7. Bradley

    Fred Figglehorn: The Movie

    No, this is not a joke. Bigger Screen for a High-Pitched Whine Prepare yourself. EDIT: By the way, if you don't know this already (have you been living under a rock?), Fred Figglehorn was the #1 subscribed channel on YouTube, after being dethroned by Nigahiga a few months ago.
  8. Dude, you could be a stalker for all we know. -.-
  9. Bradley

    Tallest Building Ever Complete

    Jeez, that's pretty high o_O And yet there will soon be a skyscraper one frickin' kilometer high...
  10. Bradley

    The Zelda Topic

    Old news is old. Read previous page.
  11. Bradley

    Can't Just Join Without Saying Hi!

    Arianna (Dani) is a male, lol. Anyways, welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay! -.- Not male, bear. Not bear, wookie.
  12. Bradley

    War Of Legends - New Jagex Game

    Old news is old. There are multiple threads on this topic.
  13. Bradley

    School Reopens Tomorrow.

    The classes were boring, my ex-gf gave me flak for something I didn't do, and there's been awkwardness between me and a lady friend for no reason. Meh, I had a usual day.
  14. Bradley

    Whats Worst

    Both were absolutely neccesary, so I like both. Which would you rather have, no trading or no RuneScape? Take your pick. EDIT: Khario... worser? Really? -.-
  15. Bradley

    I'm Sexy

    What is this?!? I am not a guy, at least to my knowledge -.- No pics, no proof.
  16. Bradley

    Most Famous Musician

    Koji Kondo. [/thread]
  17. Bradley

    Runescape Economy !

    Blow it up and make a new one out of the ashes. Or get rid of the merch clans.
  18. Bradley

    Can't Just Join Without Saying Hi!

    Arianna (Dani) is a male, lol. Anyways, welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay! :) Exactly. -.-
  19. Bradley

    Twenty-ten Or Two-thousand-ten

    Cool kids say twenty-ten.
  20. Bradley

    School Reopens Tomorrow.

    Hey me too. :) Damn you two.
  21. Bradley

    A Google Easter Egg

    I don't get it -.-
  22. Sure, there may be almost no info on the game, but there was a site called www.waroflegends.jagex.com that was up (but recently taken down). This must mean that this is a new project from Jagex. We have a Stellar Dawn section, so why shouldn't we have a War of Legends section? Also, if you go to Jagex's site, there is a big fat War of Legends banner on the Homepage. I'm just proving that it exists so no noob will go "0h d4t g4m3 1v3 n3v4r h34rd 0f 1t s0 17 mus7 no7 3xis7 LOL 1m 1337" EDIT: The site wasn't taken down, you just can't access it by it's real URL (www.waroflegends.com Go here)
  23. Bradley

    School Reopens Tomorrow.

    FUN? WHAT? Seriously, if you came to my school district, you'd be on your knees begging for forgiveness within an hour.
  24. Bradley

    Can't Just Join Without Saying Hi!

    -.- Look out for Arianna... she's a sneaky one :)
  25. Bradley

    Hai :ppp

    Heh heh heh, another brain for the Mothershi- -.- Er, I mean, welcome! :)

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