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  1. Bradley

    School Reopens Tomorrow.

    School starts tomorrow for me too. Wow... That was fast...
  2. Bradley

    Rate The Food Of The Person Above You

    Haven't really tried it so... 5/10 Skittles!
  3. Bradley

    Thriller! Thriller Night!

    9.99/10 I'm not fond of the red text above MJ... So I docked .01 points.
  4. Bradley

    Find The Fake 2!

    There's a guard in the background, however there is no yellow dot representing him. EDIT: Not sure if this one, but there is no mouse hovering over the "Choose Option" menu.
  5. Bradley

    What Could Be The New Skill

    It's going to be pirating. Arrgh.
  6. Bradley

    What Retro System Should I Buy!?!?!

    The Nintendo 64. Just remember: ReDeads don't just rape you. They scream, THEN they rape you.
  7. Bradley

    Count To 1000

    Trente-neuf (39)
  8. Bradley

    Rate The Food Of The Person Above You

    Mmmm, I love Korean Bbq, 9/10 Peanut butter banana sandwich =)
  9. Bradley

    What Should I Change Mah Name To?

    LegendaryKim Smidgem (Hmm I wonder where I got that) Kimi 321 (Btw, Kamek is an enemy from the Mario series)
  10. Bradley

    War Of Legends

    The link didn't work for me... Maybe Jagex took down the site already?
  11. Bradley

    Happy New Year!

    K, now it's official. Happy New Decade everyone! Welcome to the 10's! Hopefully there will be less horrendous terrorist attacks this decade!
  12. Bradley

    Happy New Year!

    You're about six hours off, pal. Happy New Year's Eve. -.-
  13. Bradley

    Nintendo Dsi Test

    -.- Hey everybody! I'm posting this message using my new DSi. Pretty cool, huh?
  14. Bradley

    The Zelda Topic

    I got Spirit Tracks for Chirstmas. I just beat the Forest Temple. This game is awesome.
  15. The above poster's voice is pretty quiet.
  16. Bradley

    The Zelda Topic

    You're right. I'm sorry.
  17. Bradley

    What Should I Do?

    Look at all those quests! And all the minigames! And all the locations! And... ahhhh! There's too much to do! What should I do first?
  18. Bradley

    Digital Or Analog Time?

    I prefer digital, even though analong (in my opinion) is easier to read.
  19. Bradley

    Mega Man 10

    Mega Man 10 has been announced. The best news is that it will retain the NES graphic style, like Mega Man 9 did. I'm psyched! Discuss.
  20. 11/10... Again again! Those warns are mostly because of one/zero word posts :)
  21. Bradley

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    You're a little early there, bud. (I'll edit this tomorrow -.- )
  22. Bradley

    Which Coke Tastes The Best?

    That makes sense. I was born in LA, so I always say "soda", even though my area says either coke or pop.

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