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  1. Bradley
    I had a pretty bad day today.
    The worst thing that happened is that my girlfriend broke up with me. Apparently, someone made I rumor that I was secretly dating someone else. And my girlfriend believed them. :lol:
    Also, I wasn't allowed to watch my school's basketball game today. I asked my mom if I could go, but she said I couldn't. She said my homework wouldn't allow me to watch. When I got home, I finished my homework in 5 minutes.
    Meh, not as bad as some other days (see first blog entry), but not that great of a day.
  2. Bradley
    The Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close. And with that, there are many people heading home. One of those people is me.
    I was supposed to be home in 4 and a half hours, but got home in 7. That's because my family was stuck in an hour and a half-long traffic jam. People actually got out and played with a football during this time. Some others got out to pee and stuff. It turns out that somebody ran over a deer and didn't feel like picking up its dead carcass.
    Later, there was another traffic jam, lasting about 15 minutes. It's because there was a truck burning in the middle of the interstate.
    Even later, there was a car turned over on the interstate, which backed up traffic for another 10 minutes.
    Further down the road, two cars bumped into each other, causing one car's hood to bend upward. There was another traffic jam for another 20 minutes.
    Finally, there was another traffic jam which lasted 20 minutes, but I didn't get to see what happened. I heard stuff about "semi truck", "fire", and "drug addict".
    Trips really suck sometimes.
  3. Bradley
    Happy Black Friday! What have you bought today so far?
    My grandparents told us not to go to the mall on Black Friday. They said all the items the stores have are scams to pull in customers. You know, the items in the paper that say "Quantities limited, no rain checks"? Those.
    Oh, and I saw World of Warcraft in the paper for $9.99. There wasn't any "Quantities limited, no rain checks" thingy next to it, so I thought I should get it. But I have a question. If you get that WoW disc from the store, is it just a month of the game?
    I'm posting as the Activision-Blizzard CEO is talking on CNBC. They're talking about how "The video game industry is weakening" and how Modern Warfare 2 is "The greatest game of all time"...
    And a bunch of people believe him. Really? The video game industry is weakening? You would think that with all the shovelware on the Wii, the industry would strengthen.
    And Modern Warfare 2, the "greatest game of all time"? It's a FPS, for pete's sake! There's about a billion of them on the 360 and PS3. If I saw Modern Warfare 2 and some other FPS on the 360, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
    Ah well.
  4. Bradley
    In January, I'm taking the SAT. For all of you in Britland and other places, that's the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and high school seniors take it to get into college. My dad signed me up for that special group of kids that takes it five years early.
    It seems like my school wants to give me a bunch of tests in the same week. It's been like that since the beginning of the year. Every three weeks, I have five tests in one day. At least next week, it'll be four tests on Monday, and one on Tuesday.
    As I have said before, my school totally sucks.
  5. Bradley
    My school sucks. Well, all schools suck, but mine is extra special. They have a new rule where you can't walk on the left side of the hall, or you get detention. Instead of cracking down on the fights and crap, they make up a pointless rule that only applies
    for four minutes an hour. :D
    My former best friend didn't give me any flak today, which is good. But something else happened today. I asked the girl from the party on Saturday out, and she said yes! I'm so excited!
    Is it bad for a thirteen year old boy not to have had his first kiss yet? Is it also bad for him to be a secret Zelda geek?
    In other news:
    I got New Super Mario Bros. Wii! It's similar to SMB3, which is awesome.
    November 21: Happy Ocarina of Time Day!
    The hype on Zelda: Spirit Tracks is rising! I pre-ordered on Sunday.
    That's it for today. See you later.
  6. Bradley
    Well, the following weekend has totally sucked so far.
    Friday night was when the Fall Dance at my school occured. The first thirty minutes were all fast songs. I was patiently (yeahrite) waiting for a slow song so I could dance with a girl I like. Finally, forty-five minutes into the dance, a slow song started. The problem was that I couldn't find her.
    Right when the slow song ends, I find her looking for me. Then, "Boom Boom Pow" starts, and I'm pulled back onto the dance floor, away from my crush.
    The next time a slow song starts, I find my crush early, and walk towards her. Of course, that's the perfect time one of my friends "bean dips" me (putting hand under the torso area and push up). It's totally repulsive and childish. That's why it's so popular at my school.
    My crush leaves, probably grossed out by what she just saw. I look for her and find her, making out with my best friend behind the bleachers.
    I'm currently down one best friend.
    Today, there was a party at my one of my other friend's house. My crush was there. I decide not to wait for another guy to sweep her off her feet, and sit next to her on the couch. She puts her head on my shoulder. This is the perfect moment to ask her out. Right then, my former best friend walks up to me and yells, "What are you doing with my girlfriend?!" We both look shocked. He then punches me in the nose. "I am not your girlfriend!" my crush yelled. She then grabs on to me. My former best friend looks shocked and glares at me. "I'll see you at school," he said coldly. I just know he's going to try to beat me up at school on Monday.
    That's all for now.
  7. Bradley
    Well, my day was a bundle of joy today! And in case you missed that obvious bit of sarcasm, my day sucked. My mom wants me to learn the Korean language. Apparently, she thinks the best way to do this is to write each word I find in the dictionary five times and repeat each definition to memorize them. Wee. Oh, and later, my baseball game got rained out. What does my dad do to compensate? He makes me run a mile, do twenty-five sit ups, fifteen push-ups, do five forty-yard sprints, ten bear-crawls, and ten bear-crawls on my back. I hate exercising. Plus, I don't even know if I spelled "exercising" correctly.
    Irl sucks. I just want to be on Sal's and RuneScape where people understand me. But nope.
  8. Bradley
    Tiger Woods is my favorite golfer. It just sucks that people think he was drinking and are trying to make money off a "scandal". First, his leg last year, and now this? It seems like God doesn't want him to play golf.
    CNN said his wife found him on the ground with blood coming in and out of his mouth. I wonder how much tramua she has suffered.
    I hope this doesn't hurt his playing ability. He's a good person, and didn't deserve this.
  9. Bradley
    Happy Gobble Day, all you Americanas!
    Seeing as everyone else in the known universe has created a "What I'm Thankful For" blog, I guess I will too.
    I'm thankful for Nintendo and their epic games.
    I'm also thankful for my family (or I wouldn't be alive to play epic Nintendo games).
    I'm also thankful for sales that last after Black Friday.
    Happy Turkey Day!


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