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  1. Maxate

    What Happened?

    cant we all just get along ;[
  2. Maxate

    Clan Name (poll)

    protectors of good and zamorak slayering zombie ownages united clan y not.
  3. Maxate

    Exodus -vs- Forgotten Templars

    It's a joke lol Its not funny anymore? Seems like you guys are really trying to buy members. How does it seem we're really trying to buy members by joking about it. You're an idiot. bc of that? unless they havent seen it yet
  4. Maxate

    How Many Periods Does Your School Day Have?

    9-10 1st 10-11 2nd 11.20-12.20 3rd 12.20-1.20 4th 2.05-3.05 5th
  5. Maxate

    Exodus -vs- Forgotten Templars

    Is this a Flash game? where can i play it? is it on the Exodus site? Kthanks. Good job ExO. wasnt flaming i was just wondering seeing as they were making it a joke themself "KTHXBAI!11111111oenen! if there was actually a wheel of fortune to see how much i would be worth id defo find out. so kthxjanksjajorsabai
  6. Maxate

    Exodus -vs- Forgotten Templars

    how much am i worth if anything.
  7. Maxate

    Sal's Awards 2008

    Who's Orichocos lmfao? Also if some aren't sals clans it defeats the point of 'Sal's Awards 2008' I don't think any Sals member has made a great impact lol. Wash your mouth out with soap boy.
  8. Maxate

    Do Any Of You Actually Play Runescape?

    I gained 3k this week I only login now for clan events just because I can't be bothered to play doesn't really interest me anymore.
  9. Maxate

    Do You Fear Death?

  10. Maxate


    I think he was a great man and everything he done was right and you are all the real psycotic people. I think he was an idiot because he didn't match the descriptions of what he thought people should be and was a disgusting person.
  11. According to Futurama, yes.
  12. Maxate

    Help Please?

    In Year 9 some homosexual kid in PE said he could beat me up in one punch or something so I punched him in his arm and when I came back on monday morning school were threatening to kick me out the school even though I didn't punch him that hard, I bet he hit himself >.< Just explain that they can't prove you did it on purpose and you know that you didn't do it on purpose but will apolagise to the pupil and hope he accepts your apolagy as you are not the type of person to hurt someone, and if you want say you felt terrible about it.
  13. Doesn't bother me as I believe we respawn just lose our stuff, but we can return to get them so it's okay
  14. Maxate

    New Fast And The Furious Movie

    Gonna see it - comes out on my birthday I think... Might be in America not UK though, April 3rd.

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