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    *UPDATE<br /><br />Returned to rs again,training skills and missed updates (2 yrs worth!)<br /><br />I should become pretty active again :)<br /><br />

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    none,they're all equally fun and boring
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    not sure or none
  1. ruse

    Stuff I Do Daily

    buy 80 seaweed and 80 pineapples runs herbs every 1 1/2 hrs buy bird meat buy b staffs raise cats
  2. ruse

    About Me

    Hi, I've been playing rs since 2004 when watching some classmates in school play it. I had a best friend since the start and helped me out a lot of times (such as picking up my drops after i got killed by a thug :D) other than a few friends which we compare who's got better stuff and stats ( seems more like a rival than a friend :P) I pretty much do everything myself, other 1 or 2 days absent at times I am pretty active rscaper and checking the homepage everyday is a must As time passes more and more of my rl friends found runescape boring for a number of reasons (bad graphics being a big one,they were all members so i suppose don't they were complaining about lack of member content) and quitted and soon my studies are pressed so i too as left. But now i am back to RS and more hardworking than ever! (i think its called game addicton :P ) Well, RL stuff aside and lets (well me only) about RS stuff!
  3. ruse

    Return Runescape ,return To Sals

    Hi! As of today i am starting a blog! it will be purely about Runescape (i don't write personal life) first entries are always hard to start but i guess its just me :P Since Runescape provides an adventurer's log i will try to refrain to from adding information included there but if I shall expand it more
  4. ruse

    Do You Have A Classic Account?

    yes but i don't play it anymore
  5. 1a)are there any tour operators/travel agenies that promote responsible toursim b)what do they do to promote responsible tourism? 2) a place that has been changed by responsible tourism
  6. ruse

    Favorite F2p Treasure Trails Item

    i got a few hundred purple sweets for fight caves
  7. its not him, i am 100% sure of that
  8. ruse

    Sorting Out Soul Wars

    level counter is effective, but its not fullproof high level clans and still go around it
  9. ruse

    An Improvement To Magic

    the items you suggest are gonna more expensive than anyone can imagine
  10. RS username:ct1724 BA Attacker level:5 BA Defender level:5 BA Collecter level:5 BA Healer level:5 Times Available to play (in GMT):anytime i am on i suppose
  11. ruse

    Spirit Shards Pack

    i think u can buy in the wishing well in mort myre swamp aswell since it sells other summoning items
  12. ruse

    Soul Fragment

    you can't alch a soul fragment u can't do any alching in soulwars as a whole u can only use em on the olelisk when it is being controlled by your own team they are dropped the pryfiends and jellies in the minigame to be specific they stack
  13. ruse

    Close Please.

    thers also zamorak cape, and cloak

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