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  1. Beastboy370

    Legacy Vs Dragonwood

    Looks like a Legacy struggle to me.
  2. Beastboy370

    Clan Legacy Vs Knights Of Order

    Chris, I think you need to see his green card and confirm he's Legal. Untill then I'll continyooh to fail spel n not give a f***
  3. Beastboy370

    Seduction Vs Akeldama

    Yea, I'll agree to that, but there's also alot more idiots who like to crash wars.
  4. Beastboy370

    The Seduction 115+

    It's actually more fun now then it was before, We've had our share of problems, but who hasn't? With the new addition of many faces, We've become stronger then ever, Now time to prove it. #Seduction for questions or any other intention.
  5. Beastboy370

    Seduction ~vs~ Insanity

    [email protected] I'm almost never on so if you can catch me when I am, that'd be great -.-
  6. Beastboy370

    What Makes Your Clan So Special?

    I guess you could say the people are rich, when alone they do pretty stupid and random things but with the clan they act as 1 and defend each other if needed, and after individual inspection of them all, I'd do them all in the most seduction approach, from behind of course -.-
  7. Beastboy370

    Seduction ~vs~ Insanity

    think it might help if I had any of them added? -.-
  8. Beastboy370

    Seduction ~vs~ Insanity

    Dwood said they won't. and MoD is GMT. Idk how to contact the rest L ;\
  9. Beastboy370

    Seduction ~vs~ Insanity

    Gimme names I'll go ask rite nao
  10. Beastboy370

    Seduction Vs Akeldama

    Simply enough, Akel doesn't know when to stop running their mouths. It's Beef and it's worse then the TS Beef, because Akel can't even defend themselves TS at least put up a fight and settled it rather quickly. This could go on for a while.
  11. Beastboy370

    Seduction Vs Akeldama

    BEEF ^,^
  12. Beastboy370

    Seduction Vs Akeldama

    vs Speech: http://fileuploader.org/files/5/mg0t77ymqtq9si/Speech.wav Worth the Dl/Open In my opinion. Rules: «12:09:08» {Beastboy370} Monday November 16 8:30PM EST start. 1h CWRI All styles No corrupt Rings Allowed Higher pull attacks «12:09:11» {Beastboy370} Anythign else? Confirm «12:09:28» {C0REY} yea Basically after having a long outstanding BEEF with Akeldama we've been asking for a PKRI for a long time knowing we can take Akel. First they accepted about 3 matched opts with us and if you've kept track We're 3-0 till now. Seduction Starting: Akeldama Starting: 11 - No pic. We started off by piling Ohi der and I'm not sure what Akel did they kinda paniced and didn't pile anyone that I know of, So we kept picking them off 1 by 1 and Slowly brought them down to nothing. Eventually they got "Bored" and called it off and all left CC. Random Pictures: More pics will be added later for those we care ^.^ #Seduction for wars -.- Ending.
  13. Beastboy370

    Everlasting Souls Defeat Divine Heroes

    Looked fun. Gj boys n gals
  14. Beastboy370

    Sed Vs Pinoy

    Mmm Seduction -.-
  15. Beastboy370

    Sad World That We Live In...

    Merges really never work, Leadership conflicts ect. Unless you're VR. You just hand out ranks so you don't lose members, that always works to.

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