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  1. drigerf6

    ~~~>driger's Log<~~~

    I made it and thanks i'l ost in it as soon as possible. I'mm almost 92 fletch =)
  2. drigerf6

    76 Defence And My Lifelong Goal

    grats on 60 slayer! link to my log is the picture in my sig Driger
  3. drigerf6

    Clan Chat Problem

    Good, maybe we would if there was a decent amount of people who were worthy of it. AKA part of the problem. I guess I have to agree everyone hasn't been acting there best lately But some people do contribute a lot to the clan.
  4. drigerf6

    Clan Chat Problem

    Hmm this is getting to be a serious problem >_< Over the last 2 weeks or so Most of our mods have either quit or became inactive, there is maybe a 1/3 chance a cc mod is on when I am (and many others)since then there has been an overwhelming amount of spam and flaming, im not saying we need more cc mods im just saying we need our mods o be a little more available, or maybe give up there rank to someone who deserves it and is more ac tive on the clan then them because we don't want to lose honest members because of hate/flaming or spam who just get fed up with it and leave >_<
  5. drigerf6

    ~~~>driger's Log<~~~

    I have been VERY busy...only a few levels [/sarcasm] Im going for 99 Fletching again :) O and those nasty cokking levels . ( I only need 67 with a chefs delight)
  6. drigerf6

    92 Woodcutting

    Grats on 92 woodslghtering! I thought 93 was half way...if it isn't im halfway to 99 fetching...yay!
  7. drigerf6

    ---> The Log Of A Level3 Skiller<---- Visit+post

    Very good luck on 99 woodslaughtering...i i mean cutting Post in mine plawks click my siggy for mine .
  8. drigerf6

    Slayer Master Frequencies

    It'sa rs question...get over it I get hell's and basilisks most often...and mods on't need your permission to move topics Basilisks more than anything though.
  9. drigerf6

    First 90+ Skill <3

    Yes i do beleve it is time to make some dragon things =) I hope to have 91 tommorow...Here is a pic of 5M exp..well a little over
  10. drigerf6

    First 90+ Skill <3

    :) :) Finaly after a whole 3 weeks lol
  11. drigerf6

    My Second Fake.... *temporaily Closed*

    I reallyy hope you know that after a mod closes a topic you can't re-open it...thanks for wadting my time >_> Don't post with no pic
  12. drigerf6

    I Land

    O so your like gonna make your own rs map lol cool idea be sure to add plenty of banks But 2/10 atm as there is nothing except a well shaded area and 1 bank >_<
  13. drigerf6

    Takers And Airwaves

    wow grats on 98 woodslaughteringcutting Only 1 more to go. :) Driger
  14. drigerf6

    ~~~>driger's Log<~~~

    Ha It pwns those icky lobsters how do you people peel them so fast during combat.
  15. drigerf6

    ~~~>driger's Log<~~~

    Well thank you. I'm goin for 70 cook now currently 62 (with the trout i got from fly fishing). Also met this famous rs vid maker at edge rc'ing today Driger

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