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  1. Samurai Kenji

    Distribution Of Dominant Religious Groups In The Us

    I am and I still managed to find it. Still confused as to why all the Christians feel the need to separate and bicker among themselves though, there's still plenty of muslims, natives and other religions/cultures to force themselves on, no need to start attacking themselves just yet.
  2. Samurai Kenji

    Have You Ever Met A Celebrity?

    So many that I can't count them. I live right beside the Chum City (Much Music, Etalk and CityTv) building and everyday I end up running into whatever guests they have for that day even when I don't want to and intentionally avoid it. If I get into a conversation I tend to keep it brief because I really have no interest other than rubbing it in my moms face later in the day.
  3. Unfortunately, it is more or less within the law in the states that it occurs. Laws are flexible and full of loopholes and easy way outs that people like the administration at these brainwashing programs, have become masters of abusing.
  4. I'm very conservative and I think these people should be tracked down and arrested for what they are doing. I'm honestly afraid to say anymore about this because I'm not sure if I could control myself once I started.
  5. Samurai Kenji


    This is old and many times over debunked news. Everything is either exaggerated ridiculously, redundant and pointless (See Dani's post above), or a common occurance that for some reason the author seems to think is some horrific travesty probably because they're left-wing pinko busybody tree-hugging hysteria mongering hippy lolberals communists. But that's just speculation.
  6. Samurai Kenji

    Dubbed Or Subbed?

    If it's Japanese I watch it in Japanese w/o subs and I just use wikipedia after the episodes to fill in the confusion caused by my deteriorating Japanese. For every other language it's subbed unless it's a Kung-fu movie in which case I watch it dubbed for pure comedy.
  7. Samurai Kenji

    Lucas Loses Star Wars Copyright Case At Supreme Court

    Or the EU, or "virtually anywhere else." I'm not a lawyer, but if this article is to be believed, this isn't about the USA being some anomaly here. Well, a copyright law being extended every time terms approach is an anomaly. :( Plus where do you draw the line? It was stated up there that this was over 15 years ago and therefore the copyright has expired. If we really want to push the boundaries, then it should be remembered that George Lucas was originally writing a version of the Arthurian legend set in space (Arthur = Luke; Merlin = Obi Wan; Vortigern = Darth Vader etc). That legend originated in Wales, through oral history, before being written down in the Annales Cambraie, the Black Book of Carmarthen and the Mabinogion, amongst other sources. If we change the laws to allow copyright to go on into infinity, then there would have been no Star Wars. But....then that god awful Eragon (Tri?)(Quadri?)logy could have never existed. I'm divided on this honestly.
  8. Samurai Kenji

    Itt We Post Our Crush

    Yeah that\'s me on the misc. You even lift, bro? I have lived the \"Disregard Women, Acquire Aesthetics, Man the Harpoons\" lifestyle since I was a sperm. I am nothing short of a champion. I do dick push ups to failure, I have supplement nutrition facts taped to the inside of my stunna shades, I listen to Mens Fitness on audio book on my way to the gym and my workout playlist when I go to sleep at night, I have a statue in a small village in South America, I sleep in the sit up position, I don\'t feel pain because there is no more weakness left to leave my body, I take so many vitamins my piss is neon excellence, and I read my lifting progress while I shizzle protein bars. If I didn\'t make my point, yes. Other miscers on a runescape site??? Anyways, Betty White is a Heavenly Blessed Beauty who\'s inner beauty is divine and everlasting. It\'s not a crush, it\'s full blown avarice lust.
  9. Samurai Kenji

    So It's Pretty Hot.

    I was joking with my Grandma a while ago about moving back to Okinawa for the summer to get away from the heat.... It doesn't seem like so much of a joke anymore, and I'm in Canada for god's sake it shouldn't be this bad.
  10. Samurai Kenji

    I Think My High School Experience Is Lack-luster.

    did your highschool experience consist of yelling for episodes at a time until you reach desired power level and then fighting at insanely high speeds with some villain that had plans to destroy the earth or some other planet Trust me, You're going to love this. No but seriously, it consisted of "corrupt" teachers, all the stereotypical niches of your stereotypical student body and everything else you find in every other highschool. Difference is, I was never really much of a teenager and I never went through an angsty whiny phase like the OP seems to be going through. OP here's the key to success in highschool, start at 0:17
  11. Samurai Kenji

    I Think My High School Experience Is Lack-luster.

    My highschool experience was great and I wish I could go back. Just saiyan.
  12. Misinformation and deceit. /crosses arms What in his sentence was false? Why should pro-life centers be forced to refer people to centers they don't believe in? I'm not turning this into a debate but nothing in his sentence was false or a bad view. How is it life if it's unborn :( Anyways, as pro-choice as I may be I'm not up for a law that would essentially bully pro-lifers into assisting in what they believe to be an act of murder.
  13. Samurai Kenji

    Human Race?

    The black kid grew up in a society where the media portrays his race as ghetto illiterate monkey trash that don't deserve the oxygen they breathe and thus everyone already assumed that's what he was and all his efforts to prove otherwise would be in vain so why should he even bother trying? So did he grow up in the 50's? Because in my 19 years of being on this earth I have never seen what you just described on mainstream media. Look at most "successful" famous black people and you'll find the answer, there's certainly a good handful of gems among them (Barack Obama, Martin Luther King....Oprah.... ect), however if you look at the good:bad role model ratio for well-known black people versus most other races, you'll find that it doesn't look good for them. What's most unfortunate is that it causes a slow but consistent snowball effect because the more bad role models a group of people have, the more people in said group will become bad role models themselves who will in turn influence others and so on. How can you judge an entire race of people based on the famous examples of them. A lot of famous white people get hooked on drugs, that obviously must mean the large population of white people has been addicted to a drug. You completely missed the point I was making. My point was that African-Americans and White people have different role models to look up to and in general the ones African Americans look up to, tend to be a little lower on the sliding scale of morality then the white role models, and in case you didn't know, people often try to emulate those that they look up to.
  14. Samurai Kenji

    Does Google Know You?

    Arts & Entertainment Arts & Entertainment - Comics & Animation Arts & Entertainment - Comics & Animation - Anime & Manga Arts & Entertainment - Comics & Animation - Comics Arts & Entertainment - Movies Remove Arts & Entertainment - Music & Audio Arts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - ... - Song Lyrics & Tabs Arts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - Rock Music - Metal (Music) Arts & Entertainment - TV & Video - Online Video Beauty & Fitness - Fitness Remove Beauty & Fitness - Fitness - Bodybuilding Games - Board Games - Miniatures & Wargaming Games - Roleplaying Games Home & Garden - Home Appliances News - Weather Reference - Humanities Reference - Humanities - Myth & Folklore yeah....
  15. Samurai Kenji

    Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty On Manslaughter Charges

    I honestly had never heard of this case until like 10 minutes ago. I feel like I live under a rock or something now?

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