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  1. yanez

    How Much Money U Have

    I am only 13 and I have $300.00 in my bank account and about $100.00 in my wallet.
  2. yanez

    Animal Love

    Neither, I choose Arctic Fox.
  3. yanez

    If You Could Have 1 Wish What Would It Be?

    I wish that I had a pet Arctic Fox. :) By the way why waste your wish on RuneScape? :) Its just a game. . .
  4. yanez


    I value Arctic Foxes.
  5. yanez

    What Grade Are You Going To Next Year?

    I'm going to 8th next school year. I have 3 weeks left!
  6. yanez


    Colors are out of order! :) The correct color order is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet!
  7. yanez

    Second Halo Signature

    8/10 the background is a little bit simple.
  8. yanez


    8/10 It really doesn't have the background but its great. With effects I would give it a 10/10.
  9. yanez

    My First Sig

    ∞/10!!!! Greatest sig I seen! What game is it on? Halo 3?
  10. yanez

    Free Transparency!

    Can you show me how to make the pictures transparent please! I'm begging you!
  11. yanez

    Caffeine Test

    The Caffeine Test You clicked 15 times in 30 seconds. Your caffeine level for today is: Low - Slight Buzz I guess its because I like to sleep.
  12. yanez

    Super Powers

    Invisibility would be nice.
  13. yanez

    Your Shoes

    I have Nike zooms.
  14. yanez

    I Screwed With Speedtest.net

    That is my internet speed. I have Verizon Fiber Optics.
  15. yanez


    George Lopez!

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